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I Misses You

This is one of the two unreleased Smiths tracks that were leaked on a recent vinyl bootleg.  It was recorded in December 1984, and seems to share a lot of it's chord DNA with "Heaven Knows".

My friend stereovaritone uploaded a very cool cover here on Marr-spec LP:

Erick Benitez has done a great job picking the song out in this YouTube video:

Erick was kind enough to share his tab, which you can download here.  Fixed link as of 3/14/17.


  1. Ouch that's just painful. I know it's unfinished but I can see why it was never released or made into a song. I guess Johnny may well have lifted it with the overdubbed melodies but the underlying tune/rhythm is lacking.

    Good work with the website by the way I've been using it for years and it's one of a kind for all us Smiths/Marr fans.

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  3. the tab seems unavailable any other way to get it?

  4. Sorry about the dead link. Email me.