Fast One/The Click Track

Wow, this is cool. I had no idea that someone would have made a youtube cover of this song, much less such a faithful one. This is a demo that The Smiths recorded in July of 1984. It was leaked by Mike Joyce on a radio show in 2005.

I have uploaded a Guitar Pro file here. Here is tufty47 with his awesome multi-instrument version:

 Here's another take on it from Erick Benitez:


Johnny said...

Exciting. I love it.
I can't begin to tell you how much this site means to me. Johnny Marr really changed the way I looked at the guitar and not a year goes by where I don't look at his whole tenure with The Smiths all over again and come to new and exciting conclusions.

Any chance of getting "I Misses You" on here? I see it got a bootlegged release not too long ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Please put up I Misses You!