Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

"'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want', I did in a period of about four to five days when I was living in a flat in Earls Court. That was done when we needed a follow-up to 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now'."

"I think the mandolin was suggested by the producer John Porter, I had the tune and he thought the mandolin would be good. The music was written because I was thinking about my childhood in Ardwick Green."

"There's a sad song by Del Shannon called 'The Answer To Everything' that my parents used to play, and it struck a chord in me because it sounded so familiar. That song was the inspiration for 'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want'. I tried to capture the essence of that tune; its spookiness and sense of yearning."

-Johnny Marr

Another beautiful song. I have uploaded a Guitar Pro tab file here. It has 9 tracks, including 4 guitar tracks and 2 mandolin tracks for the outro. Thanks again goes to Nanuke for his help with this tab file.

Here is a short snippet of Johnny playing the song:

Here is the complete score from the "Louder Than Bombs:Off The Record" book:

Here are the scans from the Smiths Best Complete Score:

Dan, a reader, sent word of this great video below. Johnny plays it with Neil Finn and you can get a great view of his hands:

There are a lot of great solo covers of this song on youtube with vocals, but to stay focused I've posted the most helpful non-vocal versions:

Here is kfb76 with no capo:

ResidentSmith78 plays a nice version with the capo at the 2nd fret. He does a nice job with some of the little movements between chords.

KintrickPinch does another capoed version:

Here's backinnyc playing along with his own backing track. He also plays the mandolin solo on his Rick 12-string which sounds really good:

Pandaprops does another great version on an acoustic 12 string:

325C58 does an awesome multi-instrumental version here. Look out for a cool surprise when he does the outro solo:

Here's davidguitarist91 on his Les Paul:


Anonymous said...

really love what you're doing with this site- about time! I recorded the 7 worlds collide videos of 'please, please, please' and' there is a light' so thanks for sharing them with the Marr some point Ill upload better quality versions of these.......i think id like to see 'this night has opened my eyes' or 'accept youself' on here. thanks lordez185

zEROsPACER said...
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zEROsPACER said...

What key is this song in?

Unknown said...

That version by Johnny Marr is brilliant. That's the first time I've actually heard him sing and he does a superb job.

Unknown said...

Incredible your site!!!!

johnny marr singing!!! waou i can't believe it

waiting for the smiths come back



Unknown said...

Hi Thom.I'm residentsmith78 on youtube. Just discovered your site..excellent work !Great to see so much smiths guitar info collected on one site finally :-) wow thanks for adding my version of this song also.keep up the good work. Now to get stuck into those new tabs... :-D thanks Niall

Unknown said...

Thom...your surname wouldnt happen to be 'Yorke' would it?? ;)