Pretty Girls Make Graves

I love the rhythm guitar on this song. It has a vague dub feel to it. Another case where Johnny's rhythm part is as awe-inspiring as the riffs that go over it.

I have uploaded a Guitar Pro tab file here:

Here are the scans from the debut album piano songbook with guitar chord boxes:

stereovaritone does a really cool version on what looks to be an Epiphone Casino:

Here's a great cover of the live version by gellmann1:


The Escape Engine said...

oh god this is me playing, thank you, you had a good blog over here, i've put it in my favorites
Thank you again for posting my video here, i'll put the blog link to the video, thank you

Thom said...

No problem, thanks for posting the link, Raul! I will add some of your other videos when I have time.