Name: Daniel
E-mail: ?When you're writing a demo song, do you use a drum machine/sampler or real drums? As far as drum samplers, can you recommend one that is good both live and in the studio? I can't wait to hear your new album. Thanks for your time.

Whatever is good for the song.If I use a Machine or Sampler I programme a sequencer(Logic or Cubase VST) to get a decent feel.I really lke putting a new song down with a guitar and then just play some live percussion myself on top.The Alesis DR 16 is a good simple drum machine.

Name: James Geftakys
E-mail: jadehaus@aol.comJohnny, I'm a major fan of The Smiths and the work you have done since The Smiths. Have you ever done any guitar work for Bowie? I'm a major Bowie fan and I think that it would be great if you did some work with Bowie. Also, I really like Pink Floyd and the playing of David Gilmour. Have you ever done any projects with Gilmour? Perhaps on other artist albums? I think that Marr and Gilmour working together would produce some really interesting music. Maybe Marr, Gilmour on a Bowie song or two with Ryiuchi

Sakamoto on keyboards. Thank You, James

I've not worked with David Bowie but I like his stuff. I'm not too into collaboration at the moment.

Name: John Baldwin, Jr.
E-mail: duke89061@aol.comThis is truly an honor-- Johnny, hearing the way you played guitar proved to my ears that I didn't need to be playing rhythym behind some wanker, I could do my own thing. Thanks for inspiring me. There's been a lot said about your use of the capo, but I'm curious about your open tunings--I've determined "How Soon Is Now" to be in open E, but how about the rest?? Also, congradulations on your solo performance at the Linda McCartney show last year. Do you have a rhythym section planned yet?? Thanks again--

You can find out about open tunings from guitar mags and there are a lot of books around.I like "D","G" and"A",also D.A.G.D.A.D."Headmaster Ritual is in"D",Cemetry Gates is "G".

Name: RobM
E-mail: Bluedays56@aol.comJohnny, The Smiths "Sound" was extremely unique in that it blended so many elements of styles and flavors. I was wondering what influenced you since there was no "Smiths" before you...how did you come up with that style of Rockabilly/Pop/Psyche hybrid?

When I started out I was really into records,early seventies singles.

Any artists in particular that stood out from your youth that could have influenced you?

I didn't so much listen to them as study them in a way;the instrumentation and the way they were put together,so when I first started ,I tried to play the whole record (laughs)!

And one last question, who's idea was it to cover "His latest flame" at the intro to "Rushholme Ruffians?" Thanks for your time


I don't know about the "Marie's The Name" thing.

Name: Joe
E-mail: pop138@aug.comIs it true that you played with Paul McCartney around 1987??

Yeah.He's nice.

Name: Freddie Caram
E-mail: freddie@ctelcom.netI noticed with the smiths, you played one rhythm while Andy played another. When it was combined, it sounded perfect; for example "Heaven knows...." I'm still amazed every time I hear your Smiths songs! Was this your idea from the start? Or Did it just happen that way?

A lot of the time it happened automatically, and sometimes we'd work on stuff until it was right, I guess.

Name: Vic Balian
E-mail: vic_balian@hotmail.comHi Johnny, Can't tell you how it's great that you have your own web site. I've been a fan now for close to 20 years and alongside JS Bach, Ritchie Blackmore, and Wes Montgomery, count you as one of my biggest musical influences. My question is this: How do you/did you manage to keep the creative "juices" flowing? Was there ever a time when you ran out of ideas? If so, what inspired you or influenced you?

A life without "creative juices" isn't really a life to me.I'm not really that interested in things that don't help creativity.Don't like banks,don't like the radio,don't really like T.V.

Last Question: What makes a good song writer? Cheers!

I've no idea what makes a good songwriter.

Name: ?
E-mail: menudo2000I really enjoyed the melodies in the smiths records, as for your material since then, it hasn't really been catchy at all, are you experimenting or trying to find a style you are comfortable with?

I do what I think sounds good.

Name: James Howe
E-mail: jnkhowe@freepcmail.comI have always admired your talent and the quite unique sounds which you have produced. I have heard in the past that you like to experiment with all sorts of ideas for parts while in the studio. What do you consider your favorite example of this?

Your Loyal Fan,

James Howe

The solo on "Forbidden City" is pretty good;very loud amps,a sampler,foot-pedals and feedback.

Name: Brian Nasseri
E-mail: brianandmelissa@prodigy.netJohnny,I loved the new Electronic record. Did you sing a few lines on "Haze?"

I sang on most of the Electronic album,I think "Haze" was one of them.

I heard your solo project was called "The Healers." Any truth to that? You are my absolute all time biggest influence in songwriting/guitar playing. Sadly, I have never had a chance to see you play live. If you do tour to support your solo project, please consider San Francisco as a possible stop ( didn't you marry Angie here?). Thanks for your time!!

Yeah,my new band is called "Healers"and,funnily enough,there's some talk of the first show being at The Filmore in San Francisco but I don't know for sure.I did get married in San Francisco,yeah.

Name: ?
E-mail: ?When is your album being released? If I heard correctly, your band is called The Hunger? Many thanks! Bob Ellis Baton Rouge, LA USA

"The Hunger"?!,God!.(laughs),The album should be out in Spring sometime.

Name: Elliot Chodkowski
E-mail: echodkow@umich.eduComment...love the kirsty maccoll kite album, great stuff!!! Bernard butler says that you told him that if it wasn't for bernard going solo, you probably wouldn't have considered it yourself...care to expound???

I've been solo for a long time.

Name: ian loughlin
E-mail: lougcap@aol.comFrom a source at a certain Manchester rehearsal room, you're new stuff sounds like Cream.Is this true? Whatever happened to the collaboration with Nellee Hooper?

I didn't know I was colaborating with Nellee Hooper.As for the Cream thing,not really.

Name: Elliot Chodkowski
E-mail: echodkow@umich.eduIs Electronic finished? God, the 3rd album was so amazing, damn shame it couldn't be toured, it would have sounded great live.

From the latest Electronic album, songs like late at night, like to other, just terrific guitar pop...is that what your new band is gonna sound like?

I can't really describe my new stuff.

How clear were the delineations with Electronic? Did Bernard do any guitars? Did you help with any lyric writing? Best of luck in 2000 Johnny, smash it up.

Bernard played some guitar,after a lot of coaxing and bullying,on the last album.I helped with some of the words and did most of the bass,beyond that we both did whatever was necessary.

Name: Russell Horton
E-mail: HortonR@cardiff.ac.ukWhat did you think when Bernard phoned you up and said "'Ere John, new Order are getting back together !", ?

I probably knew before he did,or anyone.I think it's exactly what should happen.Bernard wouldn't say "Ere John"?

Name: John
E-mail: johnh@htg.netJohnny, First of all I'd like to tell you how much of an inspiration you have been to guitarists/muscians all over the world. I'd like to know if you ever get cases of "writer's block" and if so...how do you deal with it?

Never,ever.I'm always totaly inspired and everything I do is amazing (laughs)!.

Name: Gene
E-mail: EJones8241@aol.comHi Johnny, I was interested in what amps, and effects you have used in the studio and live. Thanks, Gene

'60s Fender Deluxe,Matchless D.C.30,HiWatt 20 watt combo,60s Fender Concert,VoxAC.30 Vintage Top Boost.Roland GT5 FX Processor,Line6 Pod.Fender Showman Cabs.Lovetone Pedals.

Name: Ladd Swaim
E-mail: aswaim@ibm.netIt's not easy beginning guitar at 36. After listing to your music for 15 years I was driven to learn. I'm making an enormous amount of progress. However, trying to play your rapid-fire arpeggios is nearly impossible. Where do I do even begin? Without question you are one of the greatest modern popular musicians. A strong statement but all those melodies speak for themselves don't they? I'm not a Smiths fanatic or anything. I just have always found your collaboration with Morrissey unique and highly original and try hour after hour to figure out how to play your music. I've concluded without help, it's impossible. Would you ever consider posting a tablature or even a very basic pattern that armature guitarists like myself could practice? Ridiculous request but without it I will be stuck in those songbook's that show the Harmony (out of key and without the proper tuning) for life never getting remotely close to melody that! you have so eloquently mastered. Can't wait for you new record! Regards, Ladd Swaim (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Why don't you try without the books?,it might be better and probably more fun.If you mess around with a capo that might help also.I loved copying things off records and getting it "wrong" might actually be usefull;it was for me anyway.

Name: ?
E-mail: MaNgSSD@aol.comJohnny I was wondering how you got that almost volume swell sound at the end of That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore,and also what kind of guitar you used to record the intro on that song. Thank You.

Played the part,turned the tape over and learned it backwards,played the backward part with the tape the right way round then turned the volume up and down.The intro is a Martin D28 Accoustic with Lexicon Reverb on.

Name: Rick
E-mail: rlozano1@prodigy.netI read somewhere that youv'e used a 6120 Gretsch in the studio when you were recording in the Smiths. What album in particular and what tracks. I really couldn't pin point them out.

I used it a lot,still do sometimes."Really So Strange" is the most obvious example.

Name: john
E-mail: joreilly21@hotmail.comMr. Marr, after hearing Hatful of Hollow when I was 16 I immeadiately knew I would be playing guitar. As it has happened, music is really the only positive force in my life and your music and influence keep me going. Thank you. I have a few questions: First, my old guitar teacher was more or less an expert and I always brought him your work to teach me and he said he never heard anything with

a more distinct sound that wasn't necessarily "other-worldly" like MBV. How did you get the sound for songs like Willliam it Was Really Nothing?! When recording, no one I know has ever been able to duplicate it...I suspect you played electric-acoustic and 12 string acoustic together, no? Finally, you and Ian Brown seem to have a pretty amusing rivalry. You made comments about him being older than you in UNCUt last year and now- after saying your the best guitarist he's ever heard- he called you a "blue" on this website. What does he mean? Did you two know each other growing up? Also, it sounds like your new project is not that far removed from the Roses, what did you think of them at the time and what is your opinion now? Once again: thank you for changing my life in a positive way and I look forward to the new album! (what will the band be called?) Thanks for reading all my questions!


Me and Ian would bump into each other when we were in our early teens;we were both trying to get something going.The "older-blue" thing is just Mancunian sense of humour.I like what he does and the fact that he's following his own path,he doesn't try to fit in.

Name: Brett Hegy
E-mail: Brettexan72@AOL.COMA big howdy from Dallas Johnny!! Thanks for the past 15 years, it's been impossible to get your guitar riffs out of my head and you've always been on such a higher level than other guitar players. My question is whether or not you'll be producing your new album, or will it be that producer from Beck? I'm looking forward to the new album as well as the predecessors to classic guitar songs such as "Haze", "Out of My League" and "Paint A Vulgar Picture".


Howdy Dallas!I've produced my album.I'm glad you like "Out Of My League".

Name: James Geftakys
E-mail address: jadehaus@aol.comYou listed many guitars that you have used on The Smiths songs and other songs you have recorded for other artist but you did not mention the ES-295 by Gibson. I am curious what you think about this guitar and why you haven't used one on any recordings? I love this guitar but it might be because I'm partial to Scotty Moore of the early Elvis Presley recordings. Even if you haven't used an ES-295 on any recordings do you own one in your guitar collection? Thank You, James Geftakys

Yeah,I do actually own one.I should try it although I'm doing everything on a '65 S.G now.

Name: mark, charlton, SE9.
E-mail: dev@deveney.demon.co.ukYou appear to be a quiet & private persona. In retrospect, What is the best way to respond when having close friendships, (ie morrissey), dragged into the public spotlight. Also, you are a stylish sod, what clobber are you into? All the best and I hope Charlton do City when we come to your manor!. Best, Dev

I just do whatever seems right at the time,same as everyone.Clothes-wise,it's all a bit wierd at the moment,don't you think?,everythings so boring.I started a clothes label called "Elk" a couple of years ago so obviously,I like our stuff. Charlton?,...in your dreams man!

Name: Michael Menichetti
E-mail: menichetti@Mindspring.comJohnny, were are you living these days? I am wondering how your life style is? What's a day in the life of Johnny Marr like?

I live in Manchester and London.My studio is in Manchester so I'm there a lot and I record in Los Angeles sometimes."My day" really varies a lot,but what like to do is get up very,very early,about 6.00 a.m (honestly!) and stare into space or at a wall for about an hour and totally empty my head then listen to what I've been working on.After I've done that I'll play guitar,read and listen to some music.The phone rings and I ignore it.I check some e-mails and mess around then James Spencer,my engineer arrives at about 11.00-11.30am and we work.I work all day until 1.00pm-2.00pm and then I sleep for a bit.If I'm not recording then I'll pretty much reverse the whole thing and read or play all night and sleep whenever.I like extreems and I like doing things when the world is quiet.

Name: Desp
E-mail: Desp4desp@aol.comjohnny! hi!..my name is desp. they call me desp! and you can call me desp? i have *so* many questions for you! over a year of unanswered questions about you and now i am going to get answers! answers from you even i want answers man! ;) ok but even before we talk guitar because everyone wants to know what guitar you do this on what guitar do you do that on.. what is that funky chord move in william it was really nothing and many many more.. (see: does johnny have a name for his guitar? what size strings does johnny use? does johnny play the blues? will johnny mail me a pick? heheh just kidding! two picks! (and well 2 picks with something 'you' stamped on them) enough guitar in this letter! ok aside from (and i mean no disrespect hell ive had nothing but wonderful things to say of your playing) but like whats up with that purple haze sound check i think you need to play that for me again ive only ever heard a piece of a soundcheck and its the only piece to ever make me go "whaaaaat" it left me real sour
and no one wants that but this letter, this letter i want to get to know Johnny-marr-the-man i want to know such things as: *whats your favorite ice cream *whats your favorite cereal *what song do you think you could cover better than the original? *are you a dog man or a cat man? *a dog *and* cat man? *whats a johnny day? = explain your day! would it read..
7:20 am: wake up
7:22 am: kiss me wife
8:00 am: read paper and drink tea
or or something far more sinister..
10:45 am: wake up and climb into bed
12:25 pm: crawl out of bed fully dressed, slip on shoes
1:40 pm: let dog in from last night
1:47 pm: fire the maid!
2:01 pm: come home
see i want to know the little stuff! whats your favorite board game? Videogame? Color? whats on your screensaver? Clouds? do you have a favorite song? hell johnny what do you think of them guys voting the queen is dead, best album of all time! and johnny, what do you say to me and you collaborating on a song, it would be fun! just send me a lil piece of something youre working on and i'll tweak it into a masterpiece! eeor! Eeor! or no you could have a contest! a bowie-esque contest! but hmmm how could we make it 'johnny' i know! we could toss the winner a pair of my smith socks! would you like a pair of my high-quality smith socks johnny? johnny wants a pair of the smith socks! you do dont you.. (johnny wants a *cut* of my high-quality smith socks? Heheheh) ok buddy i'll let you go! take care of yourself and we'll be in touch! Despy aka as superD and alotta other things, inc.
"Desp"?,what does that stand for?(laughs).I think the purple haze your talking about was a soundcheck and would usually mean that the band were enjoying being dicks.We thought it was funny!,I still do.Ice cream has to be some cherry type,cereal:Fruitbix,cover better than the original:A lot of things I suppose,Dog or Cat:Don't mind either,Johnny day:You wouldn't believe me if I told you,but I'll try your ideas. Boardgame:Star Wars Monopoly,Colour:Petrol Blue,Screensaver:Liquid Light,Favourite Song:Changes all the time but "Gimme Shelter" always does it for me,"Queen Is Dead" best album of all time:Suprisingly good taste. Collaborating:You should post up some words man,let's see what you got.(Joke),I like that letter.

Name: Shalim
E-mail: CUREMODE@Webtv.comWas it tough leaving The Smiths due to personal and musical diffrencies with Moz? And, were these differencies only with Moz or with the rest of the group also?

It was very tough,of course.Everyone had differences with everyone but maybe I felt it more.

Name: Mark Running
E-mail: mark_running@nonhp-am.exch.hp.comI always wondered what happen between you and Matt Johnson. I kind of got into the The after I found out you were playing with them on Mind Bomb and have enjoyed there music ever since. Seemed like you guys had a pretty good thing going after Dusk??? Thanks in advance

It was just time to move on for us both.The new The The album is ace.

Name: SPIKE the Percussionist
E-mail: speyek@johnnie.comHI. Will you be doing any more work with Matt Johnson? Also, i read that you like Howlin' Wolf. If you like the blues check out the Father of Rock & Roll at johnnie.com. It's a great story about boogie woogie/blues piano man who started rock and roll...Johnnie Johnson. Thanks for the many years of noiz!!!

I'm sure Matt and I will do more stuff sometime in the future.I know some Johnnie Johnson so I'll check out the site.

Name: lucas
E-mail: lucas@spaceart.comHi Johnny! What was it like to work with Matt Johnson? Do you have any memorable experiences? You surely must have some... I thought your guitar work on 'Dusk' was absolutely incredible and timeless. Lucas

I knew Matt before I formed The Smiths and we would have done something then had we been able to afford train fair from Manchester to London,we're long-time friends.If you see the video for "Dogs Of Lust" you'll notice a fair amount of sweat and facial expressions associated with drinking Tequilla at seven-thirty a.m whilst playing in a tiny room filled with industrial heaters;thats how Matt liked to have fun."Dusk" is one of the best things I've done.

Name: C. Snowsell
E-mail: causticcolin@excite.comAlain Whyte says these are his favourite Smiths song: Never Had No One Ever," "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore," "Big Mouth Strikes Again," "Headmasters Ritual," "Pretty Girls Make Graves," and "What Difference Does It Make." Do you listen to any Morrissey solo stuff and, if so, do you like any of it?

Whenever I try to answer questions like this I know some people get very silly,so I wont.

Name: Daniel
E-mail: vanierplayboys@yahoo.comGood day Mr. Marr, Have you ever seen Morrissey live since your departure from The Smiths and do you think of his current backing group?

I havn't seen him live.

Name: S├ębastien Boisvert
E-mail: sebastien.boisvert@videotron.caThree for one for you Johnny :

1) Was "Twisted Tenderness" really the last Electronic album, and if so, why ? Did you consider you've achieved what you wanted to do with Bernard ?

Considering we got together to make a white label twelve inch and maybe an album,things turned out O.K.Electronic have had better chart success than anything I've done and we've had a good time doing it.

2) The Pet Shop Boys are currently on tour and their concerts are great, but their live sound could definitly use a guitar player such as you, especially considering the work you did with them over the years. Any possibily there maybe, or just wishful thinking on my part ? Thank you very much and keep up the good work !

I agree with you that Pet Shop Boys would sound good with a guitar player,I don't know.

Name: Madeleine
E-mail address: ElectricMoon@aol.comHello, Johnny! I have what is perhaps a fairly obvious question - please bear with me! I recently read that you wrote a song called "Draize Train," and am wondering if this is a reference to vivisection? (I have a few Smiths albums, one of which persuaded me to go vegetarian in 1994, but I do not know this particular song). I am also curious, if you don't mind my asking, whether you are veg? Thank you for taking the time to read this! :)

- Madeleine

"The Draize Train" is vivisection terminology,a kind of conveyor belt,you can guess the rest. I've been Vegetarian since 1983.

Name: robert
E-mail: rbtgarcia@yahoo.comMr. Marr you are one of the greatest guitarist that ever lived. You made The Smiths what they were. I just wanted to give you that recognition. Do you think you and Morrissey would ever put the past behind you guys and become friends again? Do you still here from Mike and Andy? Would you be touring after your first solo album? P.S. I just wanted to say that The Smiths are my favorite band. I was just a little boy when you guys were together so i never got to see your guys fame. It wasn't till I was 16 YRS old till i started getting hooked on your music now I'm 21. With your amazing guitar playing and lyrics i can relate too from Morrissey there will be no other band that can compare to The Smiths. So i hope, no I pray, that in my life time I will see the smiths unite and take over. Robert

Once again,I don't regard Morrissey,Mike or Andy as enemies,far from it.The past I think you refer to has been made, pretty much by press, and lots of people who don't know us personally.I think it's a shame that negativity and unpleasantness makes up such a big part of The Smiths story and is encouraged by so many.I'm honoured that the music is loved. Can we all stop living in the past now,please?.

Name: Spiro
E-mail: spiro77@hotmail.comHey Johnny, Man, I was looking for a custom green tele, but I don't think I could afford it. I had to settle for a used 52 reissue with the copper finish, not bad. Really, I've looked everywhere to get info on that green tele, and now I get to ask the owner. Privileged. Do you still own it? Also, what process do you follow when writing songs that don't result to your liking. Do you break them down analytically, or move away from them and try to get re-inspired? Possibly a little of both? Be Good, Fellow Songsmith.

I try to get a picture of the whole track before I record it but sometimes you have to follow your instinct.If I get pretty far with a song and get boreed or whatever,the initial spark nearly always shows up somewhere else,it's just experimentation.I've still got the Tele.

Name: Stuart
E-mail: kingsdk@btinternet.comHello johny,i Just have one question that ive always wanted answered, what did you think of the Manchester band The Chameleons?

I just love their music and ive always been suprised that they never had more success, because even today their Music still sounds very fresh and unique,i imagine the Chameleons must have been quite envious of the success of The Smithsconsidering both bands were from Manchester and both started out at similar times.

They started out just before us and I saw them a couple of times,once at The Hacienda I think.I liked "In Shreads" and a couple of others.Someone was telling me they've got something new going under a different name.

Name: Andisheh Nouraee
E-mail: mabrey@mindspring.comJohnny - Do you plan on touring in support of your upcoming album? I can't wait to hear what you do. Thanks for all of the music so far.

I'm into touring,we'll see.

Name: Phillip
E-mail: Phillip472@aol.comHey Johny....Great deal with the website...........I am very curious about a possible tour after the release of your album......Might that happen, and if so, would it include the 'States'?? Thanks, Phillip

When I tour I'll go to the States,course.

Name: Rod
E-mail: rod@4castlegate.freeserve.co.ukJohnny, its written that you used to throw up before gigs in the early days, are you going to wear a nose bag when you play AND sing live!!!? Really looking forward to the new stuff, my wife isn't though, it'll probably take me another 3 years and 7 marriage counsellors before I learn the new fucking chords!! Thanks mate! Been thinking of one constructive question all day to ask my hero and cannot think of one, fucking typical! Cheers, Rod.

PS My team stuffed yours 5 - 2 the other week!!. If only your musical talents were synonymous with your football teams!

PPS Please quote a lyrical line from one of your new songs

I used to throw up before gigs all the time!,I don't anymore though.Maybe I should start practicing. One of my new song's goes..."We all hate...." (laughs)

Name: Mike
E-mail: mike.sego@prodigy.netWill you be touring for the new album? Also, I was wondering why Electronic so rarely toured?

It was difficult for Electronic to tour because,until the last album,we didn't really have a complete live band as such.We played some gigs after the first album but I didn't enjoy them that much to be honest,I like smaller places.

Name: Chris
E-mail: Funkybot@aol.comHow is your solo album coming along? What would you say it sounds like, more guitar based, or does it lean towards being electric? Why are there no Smith guitar tablature books? And just how do you play the rythym to William It Was Really Nothing, it seems ridulously fast? Also do you happen to know off-hand the tremolo setting for How Soon is Now? Thanks, Huge fan in KY,USA.

I'm recording my album at the moment,I don't want to say too much about it 'cos I'm superstitious. I really don't know too much about the Tab books,whenever I've seen one it's been wrong,wrong,wrong. "Wiliiam" is pretty fast isn't it,I used to be hyper-active (laughs).If you've got Vibrato,just match it up with the record.

Name: John Frye
E-mail: jfrye@hra.comGreetings, Glad to hear we have an album to look forward to. I'll be brief here, do do any singing on the new album? Also, what do you think of Vini Reilly as a guitarist or person (feel free to answer either). Thanks for your time!

What do I think of Vinni Reilly?Is that a trick question?!(laughs).I've known him for years,havn't seen him for ages though.

Name: Fabio Pagano
E-mail: fpagano@apsystem.itHi, Johnny. I breath your music everyday. So, the point: will your solo album be instrumental? If not, can you tell us something more? Just a little tip: i like your voice very much, so if you will sing on it, well, i do believe it will be really ok! Thanks for all.

It'll be more than O.K Fabio,it's incredible (Laughs)!

Name: Jake
E-mail: elvissinatra@hotmail.comJohnny, I'm a big fan of yours and especially what you accomplish in the studio. Is there any chance of ever getting a real "gearhead" breakdown of the effects and instruments you've used (kind of like Mark Lewissohn's "The Beatles Recording Sessions"?

Do you really want a "gearhead breakdown"?,there's a list of "Smiths guitars" in the Q&A. I'll do one if you like but it will have to come later on sometime.

Any chance of us ever hearing the original mix of "Ask" (I think) that you've talked about in interviews? Jake PS - I think your stuff keeps getting better and better...

I wouldn't know where the "Ask" mix would be.I don't think it was spectacular or anything,I can't really remember.

Name: Rene
E-mail: Rene@cis.epm.brHi Johnny! I´m from Brasil and it´s a pleasure to send a e-mail to be aswered by you. I really love your work, and all the pop music pearls that you create. I would like to ask what you think about Marion´s break. I think The Program is a really good work and the press commentaries about it were very rude. At least, what you think about british press in a general way? Ps: Warning Sign is one of the best songs that you create. I don´t get tired of listen it.

If Marion's album came out now I think it would be a different story,although they always got a kicking from the Brirish press anyway.As for the press,some writers are clued up and some are dicks.Ever heard the saying "Writing about music is like dancing to architecture"?

Name: Daniel McCarthy
E-mail: dpmccart@artsci.wustl.eduThanks for starting this website. I was wondering, what's your personal favorite Electronic material?

I like "Get The Message","Forbidden City","Out Of My League","Dark Angel","Haze","Prodigal Son",lots of stuff.

Name: Dan
E-mail: molnardan@yahoo.comJohnny- Were you disappointed with the sales of "Twisted Tenderness?" Why was it never released in the USA? I got it on import and thought it was great. Why wasn't the song "Twisted Tenderness" released as a single? Dan

The label didn't have a clue,no imagination.Also they underestimated our audience.

Name: Dennis Remmer
E-mail: dennis.remmer@pobox.comJohnny, thanks to you and Bernard for delivering on Twisted Tenderness. Great album. It seems that you didn't get all the support you deserved from your label, with singles (Late At Night)being recalled (?) etc. There seems to be a shakeup in the industry at the moment. What do you think about going online, and the future of music online? If, as stated on your bio, that Electronic were originally intended to be a low key white label experiment, perhaps the Net/MP3/etc is the domain to fulfill this side of your creativity... PS. Australia is nice this time of year. Touring at all? Cheers...

I think the powers that be in the music buisness are very straight;no imagination, and like almost everything else in the world,the priority is cash.I'm interested in the way on-line music is going to go.I have a suspicion though that even the net will be controled at some point,I hope not.

Name: Pedro
E-mail: ph@iis.com.brIs Electronic, your project with Bernard Sumner, really over or are you just going to have another 'recess'? I think that Twisted Tenderness is ace and I'd really like to see you guys releasing more stuff.

A:I'm sure Electronic will get together again sometime.We were together almost constantly for ten years so it's time for a change.

And did Oasis officially approach you to join them after Bonehead left?

Oasis didn't officially ask me to join them,the press did.(laughs)

Name: Alistair Murray
E-mail: allymonaco@lineone.netI was just wondering if there are any more unreleased b-sides from Twisted Tenderness aside from Warning Sign on the cancelled Late At Night single? Any unheard Electronic tracks sitting in a record company's vault somewhere?

There are some songs that didn't see the light of day.Maybe one day.

I found it odd that "Twisted Tenderness" only had one single off it, almost as if Parlophone simply abandoned promoting the album altogether. Do you have any insights or feelings on this? Other than that, keep up the great guitar work Johnny!

We always chose the singles and on the last album the record company insisted on doing it, we were less than happy about that. Needless to say we were right and they were wrong.

Name: girl
E-mail: girlafraid@excite.comHI Johnny! umm..don't you believe that mike joyce and andy rourke deserved some royalties from the smiths? i mean it seems pretty harsh to close them out. why did you and morrissey fight to keep them out of the loop? they were a core part of the band as well??...just wondering....

Umm..,of course they deserved royalties.Were they "closed out"?.Were they "Out of the loop"?How could that be?

Name: Chris
E-mail: chrlam@aol.comI was just listening to "Don't Try this at Home" after not hearing it for a few years and I think it rekindled my feeling of what a great album it is and what a fun song "Sexuality" is. I'd love to hear McColl and Bragg on your forthcoming effort! But my real question is: What's your opinion of Morrissey performing Smiths songs live? Is it something you even think about? Have you heard his band (who I think are quite strong) perform them? Do you receive royalties when he performs them?

Whatever, you know, it's not really a big deal is it?

Name: Johnette
E-mail: singmme2sleepJohnny, Morrissey got some bad press over the recent Joyce law suit, they seemed to make him out to look like an ogre, how did you escape it so quietly? Also, am I right when I say that the Smiths were totally Morrissey's image and that you probably finally got tired of pretending to be something you weren't, and that is why you left the band? I know that these questions will probably not get answered, but they are honest and are not meant to be rude or disrispectful in any way. Thanks for your time.


I think it's pretty obvious that we're different people;it's what makes the world go round, and no, you're not right.

Name: jon immins
E-mail: jimmins@roanoke.edujohnny, are you going to sing on this new album? silly question i know, but i think it will be cool to hear you're voice for once. also, what was beck like to work with? did you have a lot of input? and one last tedious question, but humour me please, did you speak to stephen at the coachella? i found it funny that all the press were expecting an impromptu reunion. yeah right! cheers johnny, and keep plucking!

Yeah,I'm singing,Beck was nice.I don't even know what the couchella is.

Name: John
E-mail: Sirmoz@aol.comeAny truth to the rumor that you were being considered to replace a band member in Oasis? Would you consider such a position due to the well known bickering between the brothers Gallagher?

The Oasis thing was just some press invention,see how it works?

Name: Robert
E-mail: analogue99@yahoo.comJohnny: You probably get sick of answering "would you work with so-and-so" questions, but here's mine. There's two people I've always wished you would collaborate with. The first is Vince Clarke. His arsenal of analog synths and your guitar would make for interesting results. The second, which is probably more realistic and would be more rewarding, is Shane MacGowan. Any thoughts on either?

Not really.

Name: vincent
E-mail: vpwseah@mediaone.netHi Johny, Greetings from Los Angeles. How is it going for you? I heard you were in town for a while to do some recordings, is that right? :) Well, just some questions. How is it like working with the Pet Shop Boys? Also, are you into the UK dance scene? And er, have you been to Singapore or anywhere near? ;) Thanks.

I did some recording in L.A yeah.I like working with Pet Shop Boys;the last thing I did with them was "Up Against It" on "BILINGUAL";I played guitar and sang.I think the U.K dance/club scene is pretty crap at the moment,too many phony-tails.I do like some electronic stuff though,Boards Of Canada,Aphex,David Holmes.

Name: Adam Lupercio
E-mail: bonomoz@earthlink.netI have one question for you, if you could answer it fully I would dearly appreciate it. I know this question has been asked before, and I am sorry for bringing it up again, what kind of effects did you use for the infamous single "How Soon Is Now" ..I must say that the lead solo in "Forbidden City" [from "Raise The Pressure"] has some elements from the chorus of How Soon Is Now , the part I am taking about is the "you shut your mouth". Think of the lead guitar from that part. Just wondering....

Four Fender Twin Reverbs with Vibrato on full,overdubbed slides in weird tunings and a bit of magic. I don't really hear the "Forbidden City" connection though.

Name: daniel
E-mail: danger@slip.netI know you do alot of writing, with every band you've been in. My question is when you write a song, like with the smiths, would you write the bass line and have an idea for drums as well? Or would you just come up with the guitar and let the other lads write their own parts? Also, would you come up with melodies? or was that morrissey's job? Thank you much!

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.Not the vocal melodies in The Smiths.

Name: j
E-mail: mozboz99@yahoo.comit took me three whole weeks working non-stop to learn how to play: "that joke isn't funny anymore", "well i wonder". it took me what seemed like forever to learn how to play: "the headmaster ritual". (these songs, by they way, i think are some of your most phenomenal works of art) how long does it take you to write songs like those mentioned, and then arrange them? also, where do you get those great chords you come up with?

"That Joke" and "Well I Wonder" poured out,"Headmaster Ritual" took ages,I had the Intro/Chorus riff for a very long time and the rest came later.

Name: trouble
E-mail: troublelovesme@hotmail.comjohnny you are a brilliant guitar player!!!! my question is, and please excuse me if this is a bit tedious and boring, what smiths song is your favourite?

"Big Mouth","How Soon Is Now","Last Night I Dreamt","London",I can't remember them all(laughs).

Name: Tara Anderson
E-mail: tristesse@mindspring.comHi! I was just wondering if you are/ever were a fan of The Church, Johnny, and if you're up on any of their recent releases. Early Church is very similar in sound to The Smiths, and I was wondering if they influenced you at all, or is it simply the Rickenbacker sound that you had in common with them? Thanks, Tara

I went to see them in a really small room when we were just starting out.They were really good.I haven't really kept up with them.