Nowhere Fast

"The album 'Meat Is Murder' I still rate very highly but again stuff like 'Nowhere Fast' could have been done better."

"It's not stood up as well as 'Revolver' but there's some great songs on it. 'Nowhere Fast' is a great song."

- Johnny Marr

Regardless of Johnny's contradictory comments above, I think this song is one of the best 'guitar songs' on a great guitar album. The fast chording, the trademark Marr riffs, and the guitar breaks have always made it a favorite of mine.

I have uploaded a Guitar Pro tab file here.

Here are the scans from the Smiths Best Complete Score:

Here are the scans from the Meat Is Murder piano songbook with guitar chord boxes. Thanks to Ted Maul for these scans:

Here's a rare treat... the Smiths in the studio, recording the song. Theres a close up of Johnny's playing during the guitar break.

Daniel Earwicker also did another typically awesome cover, with bass:

Here's Oscar80It with a cool acoustic cover:

Here's cdwheel's cover. He also recorded his own backing track, on a Roland XP-80. Sounds really awesome!

Here's a newer version as well:

lunachangue has done another spot-on version:

Here's Lexicon15 on his Martin HD-28V:

Here's an awesome version by johnnymare:

Here's davidguitarist91 on his Les Paul:

 Here's thesmithscovers on his Les Paul:

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