This Night Has Opened My Eyes

I have uploaded a Guitar Pro file here.

Here is the complete score from the "Louder Than Bombs:Off The Record" book:

Here are the scans from the Complete Chord Songbook:

There are also several great versions up on youtube.

Here's Peter Weldon with an amazing multi-guitar version:


 Here's viniciuskiko:

Here's buckleyboyben:

Here's djs1986, on guitar and bass:

Here's JRLGuitar on electric and acoustic:

Here's modfather1965:

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Anonymous said...

I have only just realised this is my favourite smiths song,I didn't think I could have a favourite but this one sums up The Smiths for me.And thank you for this site,when I first discovered The Smiths there was barely any tabs and even less info on Johnnys guitars online.