Hi Johnny hope your well.

I would imagine that most of your fans here are guitar players who get a wee bit frustrated trying to work out your guitar parts note for note. You would do us all a great favour by posting a tab or two on this great site, instead of hinting "I think it was in open G or C" please johnny.

"Cindy of a thousand lives" is a fantastic song, your production sound's Phil Spector"ish" Billy Bragg must have been more than delighted with the outcome.

What the chance of selling me your Double cutaway 60's Les Paul Special, i'll trade in my 59 for it, infact i'll take any one of your guitars, even an old ukulele that you might be using for an ashtray ! I am being 100 % serious too !! Ah well worth a try.

Thanks for the music & all the best for the future Johnny.


A : I may do some tabs of Smiths songs in the future sometime, but I've no idea when. Don't get too excited just yet. I'm glad you like "Cindy..." as I like that one too. It's got a great atmosphere and I think a lot of people would be surprised that Billy Bragg sounds like that.
Ah ! My Les Paul Cutaway...it is great that guitar. I couldn't get rid of it.

I hope this finds you well.My question surrounds the early Smiths sound. There seems to be a real similarity to your guitar sound and the sound of your contemporaries The Pretenders. Was this coincidental and if not was this your idea or John Porters?

A : Coincidental, it was just how I played. I liked Jimmy Scott's playing
on the Pretenders first album when it came out though.

Craig McMahon
been a big fan for years. really admire all your work. what i want know is do you remember what guitar you used on the talking heads song (notning but)
flowers? i really love that. also what's you're opinion on my oter favourite songwriter Lee Mavers?

A: On "Nothing But Flowers" I used a Gibson 335. My opinion of Lee Mavers ? Well obviously I think he was pretty fantastic, the La's album is still great. Lee and I played together for a few days in '94 or '95. He came over to my place and we jammed on some La's stuff and some Stones and old R 'n B (real R n B, Bo Diddley) and improvised a bit. I like "Calling All" and "Liberty Ship'..."Looking Glass"
Richard Lim
Hi JM! I'm Richard Lim from the Philippines. Just want to ask you these questions. THANKS!

Your a vegetarian right? Do you still eat dairy products and eggs? What's your reason being a vegetarian? Health reasons or do you care for animals? Do you wear clothes made of leather derived from annimals?

A : I don't eat dairy products either, not for any moral reason, I just feel better without that stuff. I recommend it. People don't actually realize the effect that food has on their mind and vibe. I don't like being sluggish and slow, so I avoid cheese and milk and bread too. I became a vegetarian because of Angie, my wife, and Morrissey in about 1983. I try to avoid leather as much as I can but not totally I'm afraid to say.

Do you know the actor RIVER PHOENIX? He is a vegan. And he has a band called Aleka's Attic, have you heard any of his songs?

A ; I saw a thing about him on the t.v. I didn't even notice the songs to be honest so I guess I wasn't that impressed by them.

Dan C
hello johnny, i enjoyed your appearence at the neil finn and friends shows. do you like chocolate coffee beans? or are you a no caffeine type guy?

A : I don't take caffeine, it's brutal.

i would like to know if johnny could write the tablatures to the smiths songs in a book or anything else, since the tablature books are nowhere to be found and the transcriptions on the net are hilarious thanks

A : Got other stuff to do right now but I can see people want it. One day, don't know when though.

Matthew Sitler
Johnny, what are your views on ufo's? Aliens or conciousness control system?

Matthew Sitler, Canada

A : I'm not really sure, I don't know what a "conciousness control system" is. I believe that there are other dimensions that are inhabited by other intelligence's and lifeforms, but as I say, part of other dimensions. This can't be "it", it's too basic. I don't think Earth will get a visit "Close Encounters" style.
It might be the case that the human race could explore different and legitimate dimensions themselves. but not with spaceships. Terrence McKenna has some interesting theories about "inner space travel" that I like


Hey Johnny! I've listened VERY closely over the years to your work... I always wondered if the "burst of feedback" you hear on Sheila Take a Bow was intentional or just a brilliant accident... I think it's after the lyrics "it's not wrong but I add"

A : Accidental, a happy accident.


hi johnny,

I have a few questions, sorry. First, I asked you a long time ago about Daytura Dream Rebound (you replied, thank you), and since then have read a couple of things where you seem interested in dreams. I always go to the same dream 'world' whenever I dream, with all the same places (never really been to any…in this life, anyway!), do you have any recurring dreams or something real interesting like that you could tell us about? arent lucid dreams wonderful? ive read about various musicians who say they were inspired by dreams to write specific songs--anything like that happen to you? just curious.
Also, youre my guitar hero (believe me, I'm trying my best to listen & listen & listen & figure out your parts!), you've got the prettiest sound around as far as I'm concerned--if I'm ever good enough will you guest on my album? See you in LA Feb.3rd!


A : Dreams are so difficult to fathom that I just enjoy them purely for the surreal aspect, although occasionally it's obvious that your subconscious is trying to express itself for some reason. I did read some things about astral travelling and I went to work on that a couple of times with interesting results. There is a little known story about about a group of Tibetan monks who help people by travelling on the astral plane and intervene when a person is experiencing what they think is a nightmare. Cosmic.
I have dreamt songs. I assumed that because they had come fairly purely, then they had to be good. I had one about a year ago when I woke up having been asleep in the day and spent most of the evening recording this tune that I was sure would be so mystical it would change the world. It turned out to be ordinary. One can but try.

Steve Sharman
Gday Johnny,

I have been a mammoth Smiths and Electronic fan for so long. Your music in the Smiths helped me get through some hard times. Its funny everyone fell in love with the lyrics but it was your guitar and Andy's bass that made the Smiths (in my humble opinion)

My heart skipped a beat when I heard you were touring Australia with Pearl Jam. I had just seen Morrissey a few months earlier and was a little disappointed. I thought Johnny Marr will never tour Aus. In effect I'm paying $90 to see the support band and its a bargain for me.
My question is did you ever expect to get so many collaborations out of the Neil Finn get together last year? I bought the DVD thinking thats the only way ill get to see Johnny play live tunes ,working with Eddie Vedder, Lisa Germano and getting Sebastian on Beth Orton's new album (I assume that was your recommendation). Also is it a coincidence that your tour is colliding with Beth's shows in Adelaide or are you sort of touring Australia together?

Thanks for the many years of enjoyment and Goosebumps from listening to your unique style

Steve Sharman

A : I loved being in Australia, we had a great time playing there. It was a coincidence that Beth Orton was out there at the same time and we actually bumped into each other in Brisbon airport on the way out to Sydney. Neil Finn got in touch with me through Sebastian Steinberg. I had already worked with Sebastian when I played with Beth. I then met Lisa Germano through Neil. Phew. Eddie Vedder I met in Aukland but he had already played with Zak so I kinda knew of him through The Who. We are a sort of family, an international one with Ed and Phil from Radiohead and Betchadupa who opened for The Healers, and Pearl Jam....

Thor Christian
Hi there!

I was wondering if there was any chance you could concider playing Norway. I know there is a really strong fanbase here who would love to see their hero live.

Steve Sharman

A : If the promoters say it can happen, then it would be nice.

hello Johnny

you were mentioned in the liner notes of Prefab Sprout's' greatest hits. you paid a visit to the group when they were recording "When Love Breaks Down". the liner notes state that you brought the newly recorded "William, It Was Nothing" for the group to hear. what is your opinion of Prefab Sprout's these days? have you considered a collaboration with Paddy McAloon?
i recently saw a clip of a Smiths show from the Glasgow Barrowlands. the gig took place in late 1985 and was broadcast on The Tube. what is the likelihood that this show will be released on DVD in its entirety?

A : I do remember visiting Prefab Sprout when they did that song. I only really knew their stuff from what I heard on the radio at the time. I think they might have played at the Red Wedge show that The Smiths played at, we crossed paths a couple of times. Matt Johnson was telling me that Paddy McAloon has done a new thing with a twenty five minute song, that sounds interesting. The Barrowlands clip you mentioned was part of a feature done by The Tube. I don't know whether they filmed the whole show or just part of it. It would be worth finding out I guess. I wanted to put out some Smiths stuff on D.V.D but the ongoing legal battles make it too difficult to get together right now. Drag.

Angela Broquet
I am going through the questions and I see some people bringing up Morrissey and this E.T. thing. I just have to say, I have seen Morrissey live more times than I can count and never have I heard him say such things about you. Thank you for responding with such grace and lightness. I nearly worship that man and heaven knows I ADORE you (my husband thinks you are the guitar God as well). Having you back in the spotlight has given us such bliss. My husband gave me tickets to your San Francisco show Feb. 1 for Christmas. Oh, the ecstasy! Anyhow... I am happy to see you are not falling into the Morrissey Marr scandal. You are big boys now and I need to believe there is no hatred there... my poor little heart needs something to believe in, Johnny. hehe. Thank you
for making our dreams come true by playing San Francisco. We cannot stand the wait! I've been waiting to see you since I discovered the Smiths in 1986 at the age of 12. Gee, I guess there wasn't exactly a question here... sorry about that. haha. Oh, wait! Here is a question... will you be using that glorious Rickenbacker on tour? My husband has one like it, as well as a Gibson SG that I gave him as a wedding gift. = ) Your always devoted, Angela
PS: When my husband and I met in 1996, we bonded initially over our great adoration for you. I even gave him a sketch I made of your beautiful face on our second date.

A : Thanks for all that Angela, it's a privilege. I hope you liked the San Francisco show. You got your husband an SG for christmas ? You must like him! (laughs)
Ilias Kadji
John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers praised your work many times and cite you as one of his biggest influences... what do you think of him?
Please, write some tabs or chords to Smiths songs, i am going CRAZY! lol
What did you think of the Radiohead "tribute" to the Smiths, "Knives Out" on the "Amnesiac" Album?
I saw your concert with Neil Finn on DVD...could you tell us what it was like playing with each one of the person involved?
Ed O Brien
Phil Steinway
Neil Finn
Lisa Germano
Sebastian Steinberg
Eddie Vedder

Why don't you go solo acoustic? it would sound great!

I've been writing songs for the last two years. Would you like to hear them and give me your opinion on them? as a songwriter, do you think we got to restrain ourselves when we are writing songs that are so sad they might be dangerous to your life" (you know what i mean...)
what do you think of the band "Travis"? they consider the Smiths as one of their biggest influences and worked with Stephen Street.
What do you think of Nigel Godrich who has praised the Smiths many times?
What is your opinion on Kylie Minogue? lol

Thanks a lot!

A : John Frusciante is a great guitar player and musician. I like his solo album "To Record Only Water For Ten Days" and if you get the chance to see the documentary "Funky Monks" check out his twelve string playing on "Breaking The Girl". I thought "Knives Out" was beautiful. I'd have to answer your question about everyone in Neil's D.V.D as a collective as the same words apply to all of them; talented, intelligent, altruistic and "heavy", in a good way. I love 'em all and we have a very interesting relationship between us all. I don't rule out the idea of doing some solo stuff, in the studio or on stage. I think I'd like it and it would be very interesting. It will happen, especially if I know people are up for it. I may get to hear your songs one day. If you see me give them to me. When you say "do you think we got to restrain ourselves when we are writing songs that are so sad they might be dangerous to your life" I take it you mean the words ? Or maybe the songs being so sad that other people would want to kill you after hearing them ?! (laughs) I think one has to be mindful of keeping something of yourself for yourself for everyone's sake, but what that limit is is up to the individual. Also, sad songs are great, and can also be cathartic, but I guess one has to draw a line at when it becomes a downer for someone else. I dunno, it all depends on the context the songs are played in. Travis ? They're o.k. Nice vocals. I didn't know that Nigel Godrich had praised The Smiths. That's cool, he's good. I really don't actuually have an opinion on Kylie Minogue. There has to be pop, and hers is better than most.
Paul Czech
After reading as many interviews as I could regarding The Smiths' songwriting process, I could never find out the answer to this question:
Who created the vocal melodies for the Smiths' tunes? You are Morrissey?

I always thought it might have been you-considering your incredible melodic ability. Please put me at peace.

A: Morrissey did his own melodies in his own distinctive style. There was a lot of stuff coming from the guitars though.

Scott Allen
One Question. Do you use your GT5 before your amps, or in the effects loop? Oh, and Johnny, thanks for everything. You inspired me to play guitar, and I'm intrigued to hear The Healers.

Scott Allen

A : Right now I use it before the amp, I like the sound, but I may change that.
Condor Doyle
Hello from West Bromwich Mr Marr! Having dreamt about it for so long i have finally saved up the money to buy my rickenbacker 330 (jg) which is beautiful
but which amplifier have you found works best with it? My older and more retrospective brother advises a vox ac30 (original? not really!)
A : A vox AC 30 will sound great. It has to be a good one though and that is a matter of trying a few out. Some are great, some are not. 
and also why did you fade the end of "I won't share you" so soon? Its beautiful when your harmonica comes in.

A : To make it sad, "yearning". It worked I guess.
And lastly which is your fave 12 string acoustic? i was in sound control in brum and i was playing "that joke..." and it sounded great but i cant remember the name of the guitar!

A : I have a Martin D 28 12 String that's really good.
Thanks for your time(oh and ive got your haircut circa 84..and everyone hates it!! what do they know eh?)

A : Good move, that was a particularly good one.
hi johnny (again!)
1) I was wondering whether or not you like running into fans after gigs (for a chat or whatever), or if it's just kinda tiring after spending your energy on the gig?

A : I like meeting the fans after the show. They're interesting. 
2) I know youre a T.Rex fan--did you stop liking them at any point in their career, tho'? I've kinda gotta admit that I don’t like the later stuff too much ('round the time Mickey Finn left…).

A : I have to admit I lost interest a bit too but never lost my affection, in a strange way.
3) Have you ever read anything by Terence Mckenna? I think you'd like him.

A : Yes I have read Terrence McKenna and I think some of his ideas and experiments are spot on. Very perceptive of you. 
4) As a new guitarist, I'm completely ignorant about equipment (amps, pedals, even types of guitars)--is that a bad thing, or is it enough to know how to plug in a guitar & play it well?

A : It's not bad to not know all the details but obviously, you are bound to pick up info and knowledge along the way. There's no doubt you'll know more about the technical side as you progress as a player, you will want to.
5) Have you heard anything by Lee Morgan--60's jazz trumpet player, genius, but criticized for writing songs like a "rock musician?" I think you'd like him, as well!

A : No, thanks for the tip.
I’ve read (i think) that either yourself or perhaps it was Bernard, in which case sorry to take up your time, that you were fans of Ennio Morricone’s music. I know you’ve obviously had a stab at the Good, Bad & Ugly. Perhaps it’s just me be I hear real Morricone’ish moments in some of your records (although that could be me, because I’m hearing them everywhere just now!) thinking about things like Lean to the Inside, Get the Message and specifically the fast repeated electronic break part of For You. What stuff of his do you have a fondness for?

A : I like all the classic Morricone soundtracks particularly Once Upon A Time In America and the spaghetti things but I like his weird Italian pop things that he did in the early sixties too. The part in "For You" that you mention was me doing Morricone.Well spotted.
Also I was reading you like Documentaries, what do you make of the Michael Moore films, like Roger & Me or Bowling for Columbine? Have you ever thought of trying to document/film parts of your professional life, not that I’m implying your some kind of hard core swinger or something! It just struck me that it would have been interesting to have been a fly on the wall around the recording of The Queen is Dead Album or the First Electronic concert. Moments that are gone as soon as they happened.

A : There have been a few offers of documentaries about me and it's only been in the last year that I've been o.k with it. The problem was in the past that I was very protective of my environment in the studio and as I was always in the studio, that meant I didn't want cameras in my life. There will be one one day. I may wheel out some celebrities who don't know me to say how great I am !(laughs)
One final curiosity, did you play on the track, now this is from memory so apologies if I’ve got the band wrong, Security by the Beatclub. I picked up a 12 inch white label about 10 years ago, someone had written bernard Summer remix on the label, and it sounded very Electronic/Freewill’ish, I guess it would have been about the time of the Banderas track the pair of you did. A chance ot lay this to rest though, people thought I was talking cr*p but I was certain you had something to do with it.

A : That track was done in my studio. It was around the time of the first Electronic album, the "Madchester summer of love etc" and we were doing "Free Will" at that time too. I was in the studio on a couple of nights as it was being done but it was Bernard's baby.
Sorry for the rambling and thanks very much for your time, appreciaited

Stuart Graham
Hi there Johnny !!

How did you and Neil first hook up? I thought you guys sounded great together.

A: The first time I met Neil was at the Linda McCartney tribute concert that we both appeared at. We only spoke for ten minutes or so. I worked with Sebastian Steinberg on some songs that I did in my studio with Beth Orton. Sebastian asked me if it was cool to give Neil my number, I said sure and he called me up.

Tania Suller
Hi, Johnny,

I am a huge fan of yours and want to thank you for this lovely question-asking opportunity.

1) I've just bought "Bangin' On" and think it's fantastic, but I notice that on that track and on "Here It Comes" and "Get Me Wrong" you have used a weird affect on your vocals, and I've noticed it on other tracks of yours that I've heard. Why have you done that? I hope it's not because you lack confidence in your vocal abilities, if it is let me assure you that you've no need to - you've a great voice.

A : Thank you for that. We put the effect on the vocal because we thought it was appropriate, I may have been covering it up though. I think it sounded alright for those particular songs. I was treating the voice as I would any other instrument, I may stop that for a while.
2) You played Newport in October 1986 (I think) with The Smiths, but you had to finish the set early because Morrissey was pulled off the stage by fans and suffered a concussion. Do you remember that? (Us Newportonians promise not to misbehave again, by the way.)

A : I do remember it. The band played instrumentally for a while then I went off to see how he was. Duty calls... (laughs)
3) I was just wondering (being nosy, I mean) as to what your children think of your music? Are they very proud of their father, or hideously embarrassed? You know how kids can be...

A : I think they're impressed sometimes if they like a song or something. I suspect they check it out, but when I'm not around. They're used to being around musicians and studios etc but they don't get impressed by me being on T.V or anything. I think they like that we're an artistic bunch.
That's all from me, I'll finish by saying thank you, not only for the chance to question you, but also for the music you have given the world. You have a great gift, thanks for sharing it, your music has been a huge part of my life and will continue to be so. In fact, "Bigmouth Strikes Again" inspired me to pick up a guitar, although I have yet to make any progress whatsoever (perhaps you could teach me!).

A: You're very welcome

Lots of love and endless admiration,

Unfortunately I was unable to attend your Australian dates as I am morally opposed to Pearl Jam and large corporate rock shows and was too far from any of your headline shows. I have however heard many of The Healers songs via the www. When is the album due? While this is incredibly lame I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know that whilst I became aware of you through your work with The Smiths and that I admire and respect your skill and artistry, what I find most remarkable about you (or at least your public persona) is that you have maintained a great deal of integrity throughout your "career" as it were. Having been what may now be cringingly called a "Smiths disciple" I remember reading interviews with you where you spoke about the frustration of being stereotyped and unable to create different kinds of music within the Smiths manifesto. (god bless it) I have eagerly awaited each record (or sadly CD) where your name appears and relished in the variety and scope. So, without wanting to sound like a complete wanker, keep on keeping on Johnny Marr, you is da man... and since I can ask a question from the safety of my desktop, *record nerd alert*, the highlight of most Smiths records for me was the run off groove. Who thought of the messages and which ones were yours? Kiss my shades I expect!

A: Thank you for comments. I don't know for sure why you would associate Pearl Jam as being imorally corporate, particularly after their brave and solitary struggle with TicketMaster and their efforts to control ticket prices and bootlegs so as not to rip off fans. They gotta play somewhere and a lot of people want to see them. Anyway... The "Kiss My Shades" run off was Morrissey's on the a-side of "Hand In Glove" and I thought it would be funny if mine were simply "Kiss My Shades Too". I did a couple over the years; "Ian/ Eire' was on "Hatfull Of Hollow", that was a tribute to my brother (Ian) and background/family (Eire). I also came up with "Romantic and square is hip and aware", I don't know what that was on, maybe "William" or something. I'd have to hear the other's to tell you who did them.
p.s I don't actually have a "public persona"

Arjan Deweer

I just read an Internet piece in which you claimed that the name "boomslang" appeared to you in a dream because a snake told you that was his name -- you're aware that the word "boomslang" actually is Dutch for "tree snake"? Nice bit of subconscious, or a good yarn?

Anyway, I'm going to buy the record since the MP3s I downloaded from iMusic sound really great!



A : True story.

Patrick Duval

I was wondering how much influence Matt Johnson had on you as a person and on your view of life and music. I truly say that listening to Matt's music for the last 20 years has enlightened me. Here is another one, have you ever listened to Reverberration by Echo & The Bunnymen? Noel Burke sings lead instead of Ian, I think it was quite possibly the best to come from that band and I think Noel got a bad rap from London press, he did a fine job filling Ian's shoes and Will and Les I think were able to go into a refined direction with that album that had not been explored....thanks for your time.....your fellow prophet!

A : I first met Matt in 1980/81 and we clicked straight away. We've got a lot in common musically and personally and we're still close friends. We try to encourage each other, whilst travelling on different roads we sometimes encounter similar things. I'll try to hear the Reverberration album. 
All the best Patrick

Matty Jee
Hi johnny. I spoke with B Bragg last summer in Japan and he told me just what I wanted to hear and more. I asked him "just how good is Johnny Marr in person?" and he said "best guitarist I've ever seen . . . but I don't know how he does it because he's got these tiny little hands!" I thought that was mint. Anyway, I was happy to see (on that, whatever it was, list) that you like Elliot Smith. He writes great songs. And lastly, songwriting aside, Dusk may have been the best guitar work (for purely sonic effect) you've ever done, no? Cheers, Matty.

A: It's nice to hear of someone liking what I did on Dusk. I appreciate it and it is some of my favourite stuff guitar wise. I've heard Billy say that my hands are "tiny" before (laughs), there not actually that small (laughs) but they're not huge either. A lot of people think that unless you've got enormous hands then a career as a guitar player is out. Not true.
Michael Guerrieri

Johnny, do you still have any lasting relationships with Morrissey and Bernard Sumner?

A : Still in touch with Bernard Summer quite a lot. In touch with Morrissey sometimes.
Would you ever work with Morrissey again?
A: Er...
Besides yourself what guitarist’s really move you…

A: Bert Jansch, James Williamson from Iggy & The Stooges, Ed O'brien and Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead 
what do you think of Roddy Frame, Brian Setzer and Daniel Ash’s playing.

A : Roddy and Brian Setzer are obviously good players. I don't know Daniel Ash's music to be honest. 
What 80’s bands did/do you like? i.e. the cure, Bauhaus, depeche mode, new order.

A : I always liked New Order. I like some Depeche Mode from the late eighties. The eighties for me were things like The Birthday Party, Gun Club, Cabaret Voltaire, early Human League, early Furs 
Who or what motivated you to pick up the guitar and learn, did you take lessons and do you read music? I just started playing, a little over two years, but I’m only a couple of years younger than you…it can get pretty frustrating, any advice? Well that should keep you busy for a while.

A: I always had guitars from when I was a toddler, toy ones. I was obsessed with them for some/ many reasons. I then got one every year until I had one that I could get a tune out of and I started to play along with the records I was buying with pocket money. I started to form bands with my friends and on and on it went. I loved playing and still do. It's always been my life. I suppose anything can get frustrating if you want to make progress and it's not coming quick enough. Don't forget it's supposed to be a nice pastime, not a sport. One way to improve is to find someone to play with, preferably someone who's just a little bit better than yourself. You can learn more playing with someone else for three hours than you would on your own in a week. Good luck, and have a good time. 
Mark Parry

i'm 29 in April and have never played an instrument. Would like to try to learn because I would like to write music. However am concerned it is too late for me :( I mean I have to work so I'd have to sort of squeese a half hour in here and there and pay for lessons initially I suppose - tell me realistically about how long you think it would take to become "fluent"?


A: How long it would take depends on how far you want to go and how much effort and attention you can put into it. It isn't a matter of "now I'm fluent I stop learning", I don't think. If you are truly into something you just go for it, have a good time doing it and learn some stuff. It wouldn't take long to get a rudimentary understanding of the nuts and bolts of music, but that's when it all starts if you ask me, not stops. Hope this helps.
Lisa Maloney
Thanks for the great Boston show (May 24th) in the driving cold cold rain. Hope to see you guys again in a warm dry club. When are you playing Boston again? We drove from Rhode Island to see you. I loved your work with Neil Finn on his cd Seven Worlds Collide. You and your bandmates were walking ahead of us on the walkway to the show but we didn't want to bother you. Loved you new cd as well but I have to say live was better since your vocals were pushed up in front in the mix unlike the cd. You have a great voice. thanks again and look forward to see you again.
lisa maloney

A : We like doing those shows. I agree that the vocals sound better up front now. Thanks for the encouragement.
Anne Harvey
I was the girl in the front row for the SLC show, you know, the luckiest girl in the world, the one who got your harmonica? Anyway, it was the high point of my life and I waited three hours afterwards to either give it back to you or have you sign it. At the same time, however, I felt extraordinarily guilty for having it, so, short story long, would you like it back? Thanks for coming to Utah, it was a pleasure having you in our presence, you and the band were absolutely amazing and I had such a good time. And if you don't want your harmonica back, then thank you ever so much for letting me have it, it's absolutely made my life! I hope I didn't seem grabby, I certainly didn't mean to be.

A: I wanted you to have it. You looked nice and I'm glad you'll take care of it.
Have you ever listened to Ornette Coleman or the band Can? I was just wondering because they both strike me as having the same sort of inovative talents you have. Its not like they sound like you (unless you decide to make an avante-garde jazz album to follow up Boomslang), they just approach music from the same way it seems. Anyways, what's in your CD player these days? Have a good day and God bless.

A: I've heard little bits and pieces of Ornette Coleman because Joe, my manager, is a fan. I have been into Can for years. I love Egg Bamyassi and Tago Mago of course. "How Soon Is Now" was inspired in part by "I Want More", not an Elvis Presley song, as anyone with ears can hear, but that's a different story. At the moment I'm listening to Built To Spill, Melowdrone and Decoder Ring from Sydney
Michael Higgins
so i am listening to "boomslang" and tract three "down on the corner" starts playing and i think did matt johnson cooperate on this effort? i know he did not, but as a big fan of "the the", especially when you were with them, this sounds eerily similar, and great i might add, you rarely disappoint sir. p.s. bought the c.d. as opposed to download so you earn some bucks, now that is how MUCH i appreciate your talent!

A : Your welcome. "Down On The Corner' didn't have anything to do with Matt though. 
the packaging of the dvd for "7 world's collide" is so mickey mouse and crap, whereas the music and technology itself is so elegant. those business people
don't see anything but $$$, and they've ruined what should have been the beautiful experience of getting my first dvd with this badly-thought-out plastic monstrosity. I've done the decent thing and thrown it away, and put the dvd in regular cd box. If the Healers, etc., put out a dvd, I hope you let the suits know it should be packaged with the respect your music deserves. Neil finn got screwed by his guys.

A : Not really my business. The corporates are naff though.
that Uke Box thing sounds great on The Climber. But what were you staring at so hard on the floor?

A :I'm staring at the chords and the words written on the floor !(laughs)
Rob Goeman
Are you guys considering releasing a tab booklet for your album?

A: Not really.
Luc Romet
Hi ,

Fist all, you have done a brilliant job in all your projects so far. What a guitar master!! & A good singer too! Latest LP has pretty of brilliant songs. Your collaboration with Bernard Sumner in Electronics was fantastic ( I have always died to see you in concert in that band. Any chance one day?). What happened to MArion ? (totally underated by the press!) recently, i had planned to see you at the Trabendo in Paris but the concert got cancelled. Why ? And is there another date planned in Paris in a near future?

Thank you for your time

Best regards,

Luc Romet

A: The Paris gig got messed up because the promoter (whoever he is) can't actually do his job properly and screwed up big time. Shame. What happened with Marion is that the singer Jaime decided that drugs were more important than his music, his friends and his life.
B.E. Fridriksson
Hi Johnny!

What record changed your life? And how old were you?



A : When I was, nearly eleven, I heard and saw Marc Bolan doing Metal Guru on Top Of The Pops. Everything else was blotted out of my mind and I was transfixed by the sound, the tune, and Bolan's presence. When the track finished I went out of my parents back gate leading out to the council estate ("Projects" in the U.S) where my friends were waiting for me and I got on my bike and rode alone into the distance with this sound and vision blinding my senses. I didn't stop until it was dark and I realized that I was miles from home. I knew that my life had changed, that I'd been touched. It's still in me.
Michael Guest

Johnny.Spoke to you yonks ago and we had a chat about your work on "greetings to the new brunette"......also loved "walk away" as well.Any plans for a get together with Billy Bragg again in the near future?

Best wishes

A : Hello Mike. I haven't seen Billy Bragg for quite a few years so I doubt it.
Hi, I wondered why The Smiths' albums have not yet been properly re-mastered. Is there any possibility of this happening in the future?
Cheers, Ste.

A: I want to re-master the albums but the ongoing legal dispute between band members is messing it up.