I Won't Share You

"There was this auto-harp lying around in the studio. I remember it sitting in one of the windowsills as you went down the stairs, and one day Johnny dusted it down. It had been sitting around for ages so he tuned it up and started playing these chords. It sounded absolutely beautiful so we recorded it there and then. A few days later Morrissey came in and put his vocal on top. It was one of those tracks that sent a little chill down your spine."

- Stephen Street

"I didn't realise it was the same chords as 'Ask' at the time and I'm glad I didn't because I might not have done it. I was just making a tune that sort of resonated with the day."

"I just heard a really lovely tune first off. I was happy that we had another unusual little 'star in our galaxy' or whatever. That's what it was like, this other little thing that just beamed down. The lyrics were brought to my attention by somebody, even before we got out of the studio. There were raised eyebrows and, 'Whadya think of that then?'. But it was all in a days work for me really, still is. If I was bothered by it I'd say, 'Well I ain't anyone's to fucking share, me" but that's really the truth. If, in fact, that sentiment was directed towards me then quite rightly I feel quite good about it. It's nice. It's okay. I'm not arsed about it."

- Johnny Marr

Here are the scans from the Strangeways PVG book:

Thanks to MorrisseyScans for these tabs.

Here are the scans from the Complete Chord Dictionary:

IrishBog does a great cover on acoustic 12 string, capo'ed up. While not an autoharp, it still sounds good. I can almost hear the harmonica playing over the outro!

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