You've Got Everything Now

"I was in a shop on tour recently and they were playing Hatful... -'You've Got Everything Now' and 'Accept Yourself' I heard for the first time in years. And I was surprised by the complexity of the music on those songs. Because they really were our early songs. Chords I'd been playing from being 16. You can hear our girl group influence, yeah. I was super obsessive about The Shangri Las and The Marvelettes..."

- Johnny Marr

I have posted a Guitar Pro tab file here.

Here are the scans from the Complete Chord Dictionary:

Here are the scans from the debut album piano book:

Daniel Earwicker contributed his usual awesome multi-instrumental version:

Here, he did another close up instructional style video of the left and right hands. It would be great to have more videos like this:

chiasson65 does a great bass cover here:

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hey the guitar pro link isnt working, any way to fix that? thanks