Name: Garry
E-mail address: Tigger3@mancity.netJohnny I read that you are a blue, do you get much chance to see the boys? Was you @ Wembley last year? Also is Morrissey a red (spits) as in Roy's Keen (spits again) & did you ever talk footy with him?

I do get to see City quite a bit,didn't go to Wembley though as I was in The States.Me and Moz never talked football,we were too busy with other things.

Name: Thom Cox
E-mail address: thomboy1@aol.comHey Johnny,

first of all, I've loved your playing for years. I've heard that Rory Gallagher was an influence on you. I'm wondering who else influenced your playing/writing.


I was mostly into records,you know,working stuff out off 7" singles.I loved T.Rex,and I saw Rory Gallagher a lot,he was magic around 75-77.I liked Bert Jansch,still do,Jimi Hendrix,George Harrisson.I really like Hubert Sumlin from Howlin'Wolf's band and John Lee Hooker.

Name: Micah
E-mail address: micah@minn.netJohnny,

I have always thought that Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce were the perfect compliments to Morrissey and yourself but I have always been curious specifically about Andy's bass lines. How closely did you two work together on the bass lines for Smiths songs. I think that you write beautiful guitar parts but I have always thought that many of your songs were made better by the outstanding bass lines. How closely did you work with Andy? Were you always happy with the bass lines he came up with? Also, when writing songs would you come up with the basic rhythm parts first and then add the Marresque (for lack of a better term) touches. And how much of the songs did you have complete before you got into the studio? Did you ever find yourself writing additional guitar parts while you were recording?

Andy and I were close personally so that probably came out in the music.We would do stuff instinctively and sometimes work basslines out in the control room.He was always a really good musician and he played the cello on "Shakespears Sister".Morrissey and I would have the songs written before they were recorded and we would get a good take down and then do the vocals.I would then get into overdubbing and layering the guitars and some other instruments,strings,sounds etc.

Name: Ryan Jones
E-mail address: ryanjones@depechemode.comI'm a big fan of your work...as a guitarist, your style has been one of my biggest inspirations. I heard you used many different tunings during your days with the Smiths. If so, which ones did you use? Youre not an easy one to copy!! thank you.

There are some details of songs and tunings in the Q&A on the site.I like D,G,D,G,B,G, and D,A,D,G,A,D.

Name: ?
E-mail address: MaNgSSD@aol.comJohnny what are your primary effects used while playing live?

Thank You

Right now I'm into the Roland GT5 board and Lovetone pedals.

Name: daniela
E-mail address: danni@daniela.comI would like to know all about the recording of Wonderful Woman. Was there something wrong with the recording or something

special ? It sounds kind of muffled and strange. On the other hand, it gives it such a beautiful, etherial quality. It's quite different

from everything from that time. It's one of my favorite songs, actually.

I always liked that song.I did it with John Porter during the night and Iwas pretty spaced out,it was magic though.I think I was "muffled and strange" so that's why it sounds the way it does.

Name: Drazen
E-mail address: drazen.jurkovic@gisdata.hrHi Johnny,

my name is Drazen (something like Charles on English) and I come from Croatia. I play guitar and you are my biggest influence.

Could you give me some tips to recreate the guitar sound of "Some girls are bigger...". (Which effect, amp,..)

Thanks in advance


A lot of chorus and delay,I think.

Name: Tommy
E-mail address: tommybass@hotmail.comHello Johnny,

I think you're the most fantastic guitar player and as a guitarist myself (and bass too) I still constantly listen to The Smiths and The The. My question is, first, did you often use a capo for different tunings and seconly, did you compose any or most of The Smiths songs on the piano??? I was always amazed at how your guitar and Andy's bass parts were alway going in different directions but always in tune and on the money!!! I know you may not want to divulge these secrets but just know that I think Morrissey's solo stuff doesn't have that same dynamic, although I like his music too. Thanks and best of luck to you.


Yeah,I think capos are really usefull.The songs that were written on piano are the obvios ones,"Oscilate Wildly","Asleep" etc.

Name: Farhan Kazmi
E-mail address: f-kazmi@edgetolife.comJohnny, you are a genious. As a guitar player, I've always wanted to know exactly how did you achieve the tremolo guitar trick in the song "How Soon is now"? What effects did you use or what pedals were used in the recording? Did you use you semi-hollowed body gibson for that track? Tell me the process

Gibson Les Paul,four Fender Twin Reverb Amps with Vibrato on full,no pedals.

Name: neil emery
E-mail address: nilbymouth@tinyworld.co.ukJohnny,

wow,"talk to your hero"-technology is a wonderful thing!Bit of a techy question really,But my favourite piece of music ever,is "some girls are bigger than others"Can you remember what guitars you played on it?How many,and what you think of it now?It still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when i hear it!

"Some Girls" is a good one,I think I used a Rickenbacker 330 with delay on and a Strat for the outro.

Also,whats your favourite electronic track?Lastly id like to say that although i was a massive smiths fan im glad (after the initial shock at the time)that you ended it when you did,because the time was right,when i listen to the line "i know the story is old,but it goes on"i think that maybe morrissey knew subconciously as well.Please dont reform,the smiths were too hip for that!Sorry that this is a bit rambling,but without parents the smiths "brought me up" in a way,and its very strange being able to contact you!!!Good luck with the new record and a very happy new year, Neil

My favourite Electronic song is "Get The Message".

Name: Scott
E-mail address: superwag@yahoo.comHi Johnny.

I wanted to first thank you for so many years of amazing work. Second question, what is your favourite guitar that you

own, and why?

I've been playing a 1965 Gibson S.G for a while now and I love it.I don't like guitars to weigh too much as it kills the sound and the S.G is light,has lots of character and suits my style at the moment.

Name: Ken
E-mail address: labarrek@homeJohnny,

Years ago I read that you use open tunings? Can you enlighten us about this and which song are examples? BTW-I'm a fan of Richard Thompson's, has his work ever graced you ears?



Madison, WI

I like "Night Comes In".There are some answers to tuning questions on the site somewhere.

Name: Julia Medina
E-mail address: jrm@ciso.comJohnny,

you got so proficient with the guitar at such a young age. Were you mostly self-taugt and what guitarists do you think copy your sound the best?

I learned from playing along with records and finding other people to jam with.You can learn more in two hours of playing with someone else,especially if they're more advanced than you,than you can in two weeks on your own.

Also, what do you think of Vini Reilly's guitar style? Do you like the durutti column? Vini is my other favorite guitarist next to you.

I was into the first Durutti Column album.

Name: Matt Tateishi
E-mail address: tateishi@infinite-machine.comHi Johnny,

I've always been intruigued by your use of multiple counter-melodies on your records, whether it be the many tracks of guitar in the Smiths days to the many varied sounds on the Electronic records. Is this something that you consciously plan out at the outset or do the different melodies just occur to you as the writing/recording of the song progresses? Thanks for your time,


They just happen.

Name: jbgbee
E-mail address: jbgbee@gateway.neti'm a big fan of your guitar playing- so is there any way i can get a johnny marr guitar pick?and am looking forward to your solo tour !! thanx Joe Bugbee-14591 Aspen Circle- Huntington Beach, CA. 92647

You'd have to come to a gig.

Name: Marc
E-mail address: dm1x1@aol.comJohnny..Two quick questions. I'm a guitarist who has recently taken on vocals. I am using Lexicaon vocal FX. It has come in quite handy for performance. Are you using any vocal FX liveand if so, which? Second, I use the Boss ME-10 Guitar FX Processor and am in love with it. I also have the GT5 but find its distortion to sound very digital and the eq hard to tweak. Any tips? Can't wait to hear the new project. All the best!!

I know what you mean about the GT5 distortion.Try the speaker simulation at the same time,it helps to get rid of that digital sound.I use other pedals along with it for drive sounds.The Line 6/Pod stuff is good.The guy out front do some vocal stuff live.

Name: Niklas Pivic
E-mail address: npivic@yahoo.comello Johnny,

I'm wondering how much you still use the Les Paul, and which L.P. models you like the most. Thank you for your time, and good luck with your band. Come to Sweden whenever you can. I'll be there. ;)


Niklas Pivic.

I've got a sunburst '59 which I love and also a '57 goldtop. I still have the red one I used with The Smiths.

Name: nick
E-mail address: nickcrabbe@aol.comHi Jonny....like your website.Here is my question, Have you ever used/tried Patrick Eggle guitars and if so, what did you think of them ? All the best with your new album!

Never tried them.

Name: Eduardo Luedy
E-mail address: eluedy@ufba.brJohnny, you are one of my favorites composers and guitar players. I would like to know if there are good tabs of the smiths songs edited. Also, I would love to know how to play the guitar part of "strech out and wait". Could you send me the chords, please? :-) It's a great honor to e-mail you, thanks.

As far as I know the tab books are pretty bad."Stretch Out" I think,is in open G tuning:D,G,D,G,B,G

Name: Michael Woods
E-mail address: purevanilla@earthlink.netJohnny,

I've just started learning guitar this year and I totally love your work on Raise The Pressure. Is there anyway you can tab or tell me

what you are playing? It's so cool I want to learn how to play Forbidden City, For You, and One Day. Esp One Day.

Thanks, Mich Woods

One Day is pretty tricky,I'd have to show you,maybe one day.Forbidden City is quite straight forward;D-G-D-G-A-G-D,Gm7-Am7-D-Gm7-Am7-D.

Name: Bob Collum
E-mail address: bobc@webzone.netIf you were limited to just one guitar and one amp, what gear would you choose?

My S.G and a sixties Fender Deluxe amp.

also, are you into the mid to late 60's British folk scene (i.e Bert Jansch, Martin Carthy...)

Bert Jansch is great,Martin Carthy is really good too.

Name: john
E-mail address: joreilly21@hotmail.comHey johnny. Thank you for answering all of our questions!!! Anyway, I find a lot of your work to include impossibly fast and smooth picking. I have been playing for four years, but I have only really played chords and simple finger picking. What did you do to practice when you were younger? Anything special? Also, if you wanted to be, could you be a faster player than that Swedish guy Yngwie Malmsteen? And do you like his stuff? If not, what other guitarists do you enjoy?

Thanks again!

Of course I don't like Yngwie Malmsteen(laughs).With picking,I was lucky because it came pretty naturally,practise will do it though.As for speed I can play as fast as I like (laughs),it just doesn't sound very good though does it?(laughs)

Name: Thor Christian Nilsen
E-mail address: thorchristian@hotmail.comI have a AC30 Vox combined with a Zoom 2020 which doesnt have that great distortion/overdrive. The guitar i am using is a gibson

Les Paul. What effect set-up would you recomend?

Line 6 amp simulators and overdrives are good.

Name: marc betaux
E-mail address: marc.betaux@wanadoo.frgood evening mr marr,i am probably the most great french fan of your addictive melodic talent.needless to say that you are the reference for me.i'm horribly aware of the fact that you don't bloody care of my fucking life,but i just wanted to tell you that when i try to play your work with my guitar i am in the seventh heaven even if the result is appaling! .it would be more than a chance for me if i could get some video cassette of your live performances with morrissey,but i'm afraid it doesn't exist.i keep the fingers crossed for an answer...(something tells me that it's gonna work for your solo attempt).

Don't say I dont care,that really hurts!(laughs)

Name: Marvin Smith
E-mail address: marvin@weekender.shetland.co.ukI've noticed that on the site and in interviews people have a tendency to ask you which guitar, which amp, which effect, which setup etc. etc. etc. you used to record a particular song - how do you remember all that shit?

It is a known fact that I have an amazing memory,especially for sessions and songs(laughs),it's true!

One more quick question - if we promised you all the tea in China would you return to the Shetland Islands to play with your new band?

I'm not good with gigs and tours though.(laughs)

Name: ?
E-mail address: ?Johnny, are the following songs the correct track listing for the "album" you recorded with Ian McCulloch in 1993? Were any other songs recorded in the same sessions?

1. Blue

2. Dark Age (aka Dark Angel)

3. Heal My Soul (aka How Does It Feel To Be On Top Of The World??????)

4. Hieroglyphics City

5. History Chimes

6. Lowdown

7. Never Never (aka Never)

8. Never Never Never (aka Nothing Lasts Forever)

9. Nowhere To Nowhere

10. Overnight Ripe

11. Touchdown (aka Too Far Gone) thanks for your help

Yeah,that looks right.Don't know "History Chimes",and one was "Overnight Ride".

Name: Michael Ferry
E-mail address: Ferry-m@ulst.ac.ukHi Johnny. It's great that you have your own web-site now. I hope these questions reach you. Do you feel being partly Irish has helped you creatively?

My background had a lot to do with my being a musician.My parents are still passionate about music and there was always music being played.I had a very large extended family who were also very young so there was also a lot of dancing and singing and parties etc.

Do you plan to tour and if so will Ireland be included? An old friend of yours played six dates here in November.

I'd love to play in Ireland again,I always enjoyed it there.

I saw you perform 'Meat Is Murder'. Do you ever see yourself performing old Smiths songs like Morrissey has started to do?

I doubt I'll do Smiths stuff,I'm more into new things, you know?

I loved your work with Billy Bragg and Kirsty McColl. What is the most absurd collaboration you have been offered?

The most absurd collaboration request was,no I cant say,it wouldn't be fair.oh.o.k..Midge Ure's band at The Princes Trust or something.

Is any of your new material led by piano of keyboard as opposed to the guitar?

I think all the new stuff is guitar based.

Are you still in L.A? Did you ever see HIM over there?

I'm assuming that by "HIM" you mean Morrissey,I havn't seen him,no.

As you've probably guessed Johnny, I am a big Smiths fan so I apologise of these questions sound like the same old record.

Both yourself and Morrissey have gone on record as not being too keen on 'What Difference Does It Make?' I could never understand why.

"What Difference" is alright,I don't hate it or anything.

Thank you Johnny, I hope to see you back in the Homeland very soon. I live 20 miles from Letterkenny. Do you remember much about that place? I was only 8 when you played there but I've grown to realise you are the man Johnny. All the best, take care and happy new year.

Letterkenny? yeah,I remember it.

Name: cether
E-mail address: cether@earthlink.netThe other day I was watching a BBC/Discovery Channel program on the possibility of alien life in the universe. In discussing our

contact with alien lifeforms it was said that a likely way for other beings to discover us would be through the sounds our planet generates. A view of Earth was then shown; and random sounds were tuned in from the static. One of those sounds was the "How Soon Is Now" intro. One of the most beautiful sounds I know.And a fine choice to greet our cosmic friends. Are you flattered by this? Were you even aware of it?

I didn't know about that Alien thing,weird.(laughs) A fine choice to greet our cosmic friends indeed.

I'm also curious what you think of Nissan using "How Soon Is Now" to sell the Maxima. I know I'm not alone in my anxious anticipation of your new work; and would like to thank you for writing such incredible, unforgettable melodies that have brought

I didn't mind Nissan using the song because it sounds good.If it was another song I might think differently.

Name: Finbarr
E-mail address: ?Hi Johnny Marr. I love your music. When I hear THE HEADMASTER RITUAL I start bouncing helplessly around the room and yelling 'Oh my God! the guitars! the GUITARS!' all your guitar work is so bracing, it's always a treat to listen to it. I have questions.

1. what do you think of Radiohead, Pulp, Madonna

I like Radiohead,especially the last album,Jonny Greenwood is really good but they could cheer up sometimes(laughs)

2. Are your kids into music, either as musicians or fans? do you let them listen to Britney Spears? do you force them to listen to the Stones?

My kids love music,all kinds of things but not Britney Spears.They have a go at all the instruments that are lying around.

3. Have you ever seen that episode of the Kids in the Hall where Dave wears a Smiths shirt? Ever heard that song by Bruce McCulloch called 'not happy' where he sings about being less happy than 'Morrisseeeeeeeeeeey'?

I didn't see the Kids In The Hall thing and I havn't heard Bruce McCulloch.

4. Are you sick of being asked about Morrissey? Bye bye.


I am bored with the same questions,it's not like I havn't answered them before.

Name: David
E-mail address: david@worldinmotion.netJohnny, How would u like to be remembered????

I'd like to be remembered for turning people onto something,you know?.

What kind of subject would u like to talk about beside music???

I like to talk about all sorts of things,in fact sometimes I wish that people would get on a different tip now and then;the world,philosophy,magic,life and death(laughs)

Last Question: I give u the power of only one Wish...Pick one???

Thanks 4 your time and please check my Electronic site www.worldinmotion.net

If I had one wish it would probably involve turning the world into some sort of Nirvana where everyone respects everyone else and has a good time, seriously!(laughs).

Name: coulter
E-mail address: coulterleslie@hotmail.comEveryone else has stolen all my bloody questions...I'm down to a solitary one which has little to do with music, 'cos all the musical ones have been answered and you must be bored shitless with infinitesimal guitar tuning questions from 1984. here's my question...have you ever gone snowboarding?...I only ask because I've come up with some fantastic songs while snowboarding... have a go at it someday. Oh and incidentally, you're melodies have kept me alive. From the bottom of my heart...I thank you.

I'll try it,if I die it's your fault.

Name: Moosey100
E-mail address: moosey100@hotmail.comJohnny, two questions - tell us a little about the Irish connection?

The Irish connection is a big one ,you know?There is a sensibility which affects your life although I don't want to generalise. Passion, humour, irreverence, poetic sometimes, surreal sometimes...dark sometimes. Quite a lot of things.

and please answer the question I've asked before (too personal?) - whatgoes through your head when you are playing live on stage...

many thanks Moose

(Laughs)What goes through my head?,mostly "this is rockin',let's keep it going" or "Why aren't we rockin?,..just wanna listen? O.K..as long as we're having a nice time"(laughs).

Name: Matt
E-mail address: mclines@hotmail.comFirst: you really inspire me to spank all the sound possible out of an instrument. Second: Its strange that 13 years later, people are still hung up on the Smiths (and every little detail of.) Is it funny, flattering or annoying to you?

It's all those things,I am very proud of the band and with good reason.People say the most amazing things about how we/I affected their lives and it really is an honour.One of the things I thought the band was about was celebrating passion,whether it was for music or anything else, and when people obsess about negativity and the past it seems to be a long way from the original spirit.

Name: ?
E-mail address: astria@forum.dkHi Johnny

As far as I know you have never made big time money as a musician. Are you dreaming of a major comercial break-through and sell millions af records like U2, Nirvana, REM, etc.? Because, as we all know, you, if any, deserve it. You愉e the best, man...

I dream about making great albums an playing beautiful concerts with an amazing feeling around the band and audience. Anything more than that might be nice,but then again,it might not.

Name: Glenn
E-mail address: insufferable@yahoo.comDid Morrissey's love for you (Platonic in the sense of homosexual) result in the accumulated incompatibility between the two of you, as persons not as artist, obviously? Answer honestly, and simply. Respectfully yours.

What are you on about? Friends should love each other.I think you're getting a bit deep,even for me!(laughs)

Name: tadateru
E-mail address: tr2y-tad@air.linkclub.or.jphello,johnny

there are two questions to you one is which song is your most favorite in morrissey solo career?? the other isnt it attractive for you that you play with morrissey again?? you maynot want to answer these question. if you feel bad, i am sorry.

I don't feel bad,I feel bored.

Name: Joe W
E-mail address: joeywig@yahoo.co.ukDo you listen do any of Morrissey's solo work ? If so do you like it? And what do you think is his best song/album since leaving the


Why do you want to know?Who cares.

Name: Scott
E-mail address: Vellocet33@aol.comDo you enjoy Morrissey's solo albums and what is your favorite one?


Name: Jeff Chard
E-mail address: jete@sgci.comJohnny, I know you've probably been asked a thousand times , but let's make it 1001- is there ANY chance that you will ever reunite for an album or tour with Morrissey ? And what is the status of Electronic? (by the way, I think "Twisted Tenderness" has been hugely underrated by both the press and fans.

Is this it?

Name: Thom Bennett
E-mail address: johnnyguitar@netzero.netI am sure I am the ,illionth person to put forth this question, however is there any truth to the rumored plans to play nay shows / record with Morrissey?

Ah! Of course not.

Name: Murray
E-mail address: ginam@icubed.comWould you work with Morrissey again?

A:Let me think....?

Name: Mark Carter
E-mail address: Cartryan@isu.eduAre you a fan of Morrissey's solo work and if so, what albums/songs are you fond of?


Name: Kenza
E-mail address: stone_rose_kenza@hotmail.comi think it is infinitely cool that you have this q&a thing. i, and the rest of the fans i'm sure, are quite impressed. now, the obligatory annoying Morrissey-related question: are you two getting along now?

Annoying? no...uncool maybe..

Name: Pedro Marques
E-mail address: crh2000@hotmail.comJohnny;

When will you return on stage? I saw you in Portugal with The The and i want to repeat. Morrissey were here in Oct 99 and now it愀 your turn

Soon I hope.

Name: Gabriel Gutierrez
E-mail address: nouvas@aol.comYour musical expression was very moving and unique with The Smiths. Have you developed a new sound or would we hear something on your new solo work that can resemble your work with The Smiths? My favorite is "How soon is now" and Im looking forward to your new album

Why repeat the past? there doesn't seem any point in re-creating old music.

Name: brandon
E-mail address: wolfganger_@webtv.netJohnny, on the new project are there any guest appearances with vocalists like Kirsty MacColl? I know you've worked with her often

in the past, and the results have been fabulous. by the way, your style of playing really is unlike anyone anywhere, ever. thanks and cheers!

No guests.Maybe some other time.

Name: Andrej Moncek
E-mail address: andrejmoncek@miesto.skJohnny, do you think you will ever play any performances somewhere near my country (Slovakia) ?

One of the biggest advantages of being a musician for me is traveling so,who knows?

Name: Brian Clark
E-mail address: Algy5@aol.comHi, Johnny. Just had two quick questions: 1) Since you will be singing, on this album, I take it to mean you

will also be writing lyrics. What lyrical style would you say you have, is it poetic (ex. Morrissey), visual (ex. Brett Anderson),

social commentary (ex. Paul Weller), or just verbal support of the melody (such as Ian Brown or Richard Ashcroft). Just trying to get a feel for what type of lyrics to expect, as I was Somewhat disappointed by Bernard Butler's lyrics when he went solo. Which leads me to question 2:

I don't think lyrics,or music,have to fall into any category.My stuff certainly isn't in any of the ones you've described,just my thing,you know?

2) I read somewhere (Select, I think, years ago) that some guitar parts on Suede's first album were played on a Gibson that you had given to Bernard Butler as a gift. first of all, is this rumour, lie, or fact? And if so, was it, in your eyes, a "passing of the torch" or

more like an Elvis gift ("Hey kid, I like yer. How about a Cadillac?")? You know, the more I read that question, the more it sounds silly. Um,... I guess you don't have to answer that. I would be satisfied just knowing if it was true, because I think it was a direct quote from Butler himself.

I did give Bernard a guitar but it was well after he left Suede.

Name: john
E-mail address: ?Johnny, will you ever do dance oriented material with The Healers? Also, have you ever been interested in doing anything with string

sections or orchestras? Will you ever do the "big rock album" thing like the Beatles or Oasis?


It's a nice idea,but I don't think it would be a "big rock album"thing.

Name: Millard Souers
E-mail address: mbsouers@aol.comJohnny, how did come up with the name "The Healers" for your band? Also, when you guys tour, make sure the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC is on your list.

I've had the name "Healers" for a while.I got it from a book called "The Secret Doctrine".

Name: Miko
E-mail address: ?Johnny, there are so many people who wants to see you play live in Japan as it's been a long time since you played here (as a member of The The). Do you plan on touring Japan around the time of or after the release of your album??

I'd love to.

Name: Claudia
E-mail address: mozzer211@aol.Hello Johnny,

I think your work is astounding. Johnny, when you are visiting the city of Los Angeles, do you have a particular club you like to go to

and what is your favorite drink?

"Make Up" is a good club.I like Cranberry and Soda.

Name: Mark Davies
E-mail address: davies@heath@hotmail.comI heard Edgar Summertyme from The Stairs was in the Healers. Is he involved in the new record at all. Also what are you listening to

at the moment? Good luck with the new record.

Ed played with us on a few tracks, I dont know whether they're on the album yet.

Name: Chris Lark
E-mail address: chrlark@yahoo.comHello again Mr. Marr,

Just had a few more questions for you (hope you don't mind.):

What's it like working with Zak Starkey and have you ever met his Dad?

Zak's my mate and that's important,he's an incredible drummer and a pretty good guitar player too. I've not met his dad.

Just curious, but will your new LP be released on vinyl? How do you feel about vinyl LP's? Do you like them better than CD's and cassettes or are they all about the same? Will there be any 12" remixes for songs off your new album? If so, who have you chosen to remix and what songs will they be re-doing? Thanks so much again.

I dont think vinyl actually sounds as good as C.D,but I like vinyl. It's good to have the big sleeve isn't it?

Name: Jose Rojo
E-mail address: blurjose@home.comHi Johnny. I want to begin by telling you how much beauty your music has brought to my life. Thank you. I'm also a big fan of Graham Coxon's guitar playing. WHat's your opinion of his style? And what do you think of Stephen Street's comment that he is the best guitarist he has worked with since you? Thanks for taking the time. I hope you come round near my home town so you can play for me. :)

I think Graham Coxon is good,he probably is the best guitarist Stephen Street has worked with since me(laughs)

Name: Shalim Torres
E-mail address: CUREMODE@WEBTV.COMWas it a weird transition from being used to playing an instrument only and then coming out with a new album in which you sing every song?

It isn't a big deal really.

Name: Lee
E-mail address: lmsava@essex.ac.ukDo you think Oasis would make better tunes if Noel allowed his ability to come through rather than drowning his playing out with a rhythm guitarist who just thrashes chords? Also do you know where I can find a guitar tab of "Last night I dreamt..." because I'm having real difficulty finding one?

Can't help with the guitar tab.I think Noel's pretty happy with the way things have gone.I hear that Gem the new guitar player is really good.

Name: The Evil Sprout
E-mail address: pappa_lazarou@hotmail.comA few questions for you:

1) Why did you turn down Oasis?

I didn't turn down Oasis,there was nothing to turn down.

2) Would you ever get back with Morrissey for a musical project?


3) Did Morrissey's greasy black hair ever get you into trouble?


Name: john o'reilly
E-mail address: joreilly21@hotmail.comWill you play with Noel on his first solo album? Also, what does your singing voice sound like? Thanks!!!

I didn't know Noel was doing a solo album. My voice is a thing of natural beauty,it is a flower in bloom(laughs)

Name: earlgrey
E-mail address: kannnichtstoppen@aol.comSomeone HAS to ask it, so i might as well be the one. there are alot of rumors floating around through space and time pertaining to

a morrissey/marr reunion. we've all seen the aroundabout on the net. so come on now, tell us, what's in your heart, dear Johnny??

~ earlgrey

Someone has to ask it? Where have you been the last twelve years.

Name: Mike M.
E-mail address: fblack5@yahoo.comA couple years back I picked up a single by SubSub called "This Time I'm Not Wrong". The credits are a little vague...did you play on that one? It sure sounds like you. Good luck with the new material...you are clearly the best in my book. I hope you play the Fillmore in S.F.

I think I got a thanks on the record, I loaned them some gear and encouragement but I didn't play on it.

Name: Terrance Stamp
E-mail address: terrancestamp@yahoo.comJohnny,

Do you still keep in touch with Joe Moss and would you ever consider letting him manage you again? Also, how much were you supressing your funk influence on Smiths records? One last thing, what do you think of Morrissey playingSmiths songs on his current tour? Have you heard any of the songs? Would you like a copy?

I'm working very closely with Joe.I don't think I've ever supressed any influences with any band I've been in.

Name: Moose
E-mail address: moosey100@hotmail.comJohnny,I know you must be sick of being asked about you know what, but this is a question I've had in my head for 14 years, so forgive me :- I was lucky enough to see the Smiths a few times - all on the Queen is Dead tour in 1986. One of the most startling things was how into the music you were when you were playing - your head was shaking as if your guitar was wired directly to some huge amp in your brain.I've never seen anything quite like it when watching other musicians (I've been to hundreds of concerts), especially given the level of virtuosity with which you play. Can you give us an idea of what goes on in your head when you are playing on stage? PS thanks for everything you've given us over the years!

I sometimes zone out a bit,it's a weird feeling and I try to get there when I can.Just into the music and the moment,there's nothing like it.

Name: simon
E-mail address: mrgoddard@yahoo.comIn a Q article from 1993, somebody mentions that one of the last Smiths songs recorded and one of the few to end on the cutting

room floor was a cover of "A Fool Such As I" by Elvis. Is this true, will it ever see the light of day and why weren't you happy with it, if it's true? Also have you ever been approached about a possible Smiths box set?

There's bound to be a box set sometime.I don't know what happened to the Elvis song.

Name: John Stevens
E-mail address: billy.shears@nme.comAndy rourke and johnny marr are in the same room in january of 2000. what happens next? i hope that we can all "stop living in the past". if we did then they would not waste anymore time not being friends.

If me and Andy were in the same room together we would talk and have a laugh. Are you still with l the same friends you were with fifteen years ago?

Name: Jason Cohen
E-mail address: valiums@mediaone.netJohnny,

How many unreleased songs by The Smiths, if any, exist? If there are any will these ever be released? I'm looking forward to hearing your new album and hopefully seeing you play in Los Angeles soon.

There are no unreleased Smiths songs.

Name: Michael
E-mail address: windchimes@eisa.net.auHi Johnny

thanks for doing this website thing I know the fans really appreciate it. I have a few questions: Did you write all of the vocal melodies in the Smiths? Morrisseys lyrics were always really unorthodox and I'm wondering whether he would give you the lyrics and you would go ahead and write the song, or would you sing all the melodies to him first so he could come up with some lyris?

We would write a couple of different ways;we would get together with a guitar and a tape recorder and I would play my tunes or I would give him a tape that I'd already done. He would then work on the vocals.

My favorite Electronic songs are the emotional ones like 'Out of my league', 'time will tell', 'vivid'.. your image is very "Cool" - do you regard yourself as an emotional person? I also think "Up against it" is brilliant! Is it you doing the high vocal bit?



On "Up Against It" I sing the chant bit.

Name: Adrian
E-mail address: manicfiend@aol.comWhat did u think about the lyrics in the song, "Panic" when you first heard'em, since some of your roots and influences come from the "disco"?

I liked them of course. My roots come from everywhere.

Name: Art
E-mail address: a_cogent1@yahoo.comJohnny,

At the time The Smiths were together, did you have a any realistic sense of how special the music was or did it just 'feel right'? Thanks for the tunes


It felt right and we knew it was good.

Name: FoxPuppy
E-mail address: foxpuppy@yahoo.comSo, I was watching "The Smiths: The Complete Picture" and I noticed that, although the band seemed to be having a lot of fun, the songs were exactly off the record and there wasn't a single guitar plugged in. Did this seem just a little bit bizarre to you to do this sort of performance?

Miming on British T.V is just something you do now and again. In some ways it's better than playing live because the sound in T.V studios is usually not very good.

Also, that girl from the How Soon Is Now video is so charming. What do you know about her? Did she ever do anything after that video, as far as filmwork? She had the looks of a star.

I don't know anything about the girl in the video,she does look good,ahead of her time.

Also, have you seen American Beauty? If yes, What did you think? If no, put down the mouse and go see it right this minute.


I intend to see American Beauty soon. I don't actually use a mouse. My friend Matt fires the questions at me and types away,say hi Matt (laughs)


Name: Jay
E-mail address: matsueda@hotmail.comThe amazing Mr. Marr,

I enjoy reading the answers to others' questions but hope you decide to eventually address my question too. I am interested in whether or not you recorded more Smiths songs than were released. I know that there's a chance that you just don't want to publicize your answer because, despite what collector-type fans do for your revenues, you don't want to encourage collectors to bother industry people for the music, etc. If you do not care to elaborate on your site, could you please answer my question directly in private? Thanks, JM. Still searching for more of your magnificant Smiths work, Jay Matsueda

There's no more stuff.

Name: Miggy
E-mail address: TAB1@AOL.COMDo you think that you, Andy, Mike, and Morrissey would ever get back together and become the smiths again? If you ever do please come to the east coast of the states. thanks


Name: graham
E-mail address: gjjweir@currantbun.comHi Johnny, I wanted to ask you some questions concerning "Money Changes Everything". Was it always intended to be only an instrumental for The Smiths? Secondly when you later collaborated on the song with Bryan Ferry, did you alter the sound or arrangement. Finally was this version released? Thanks and give my regards to


The song came out on the Bryan Ferry album "Bette Noire",it's called "The Right Stuff".It sounded good as an instrumental so that's how it was.

Name: Evil Sprout
E-mail address: ?The Queen Is Dead is a fantastic album! What was your favourite cheese during this period?

Can't remember.

Name: sean
E-mail address: ?Johnny,

Great to hear about the new album on the way. I have a very specific question about your mandolin solo at the end of The Smiths' track 'Please, Please, Please'. This is, I think, one of the most impressive, and unique, moments in your work for The Smiths, and yet there appears to be very little either written or said about it. I would be very grateful if you could talk a little bit about the solo. For instance, were there particular reasons for using a mandolin on that track, and did you have much experience of playing mandolin before that recording session? I look forward to reading your answer, and hearing the new album.

All the best,



I think the mandolin was suggested by the producer John Porter,I had the tune and he thought the mandolin would be good.The music was written because I was thinking about my childhood in Ardwick Green.

Name: Ian
E-mail address: iwhiteley@smartcard.co.zaI have all the Smith's albums, but only one 12" - Girlfriend in a coma. The 2 B-side tracks were brilliant! - is there a B-sides album

available, and are there any more great tracks floating around in the archives ?

Hatfull Of Hollow and The World Wont Listen have the b-sides on,also,"Best" Vol 1 and 2.

Name: Lucio
E-mail address: trixr4kids420Hello Johnny, I've enjoyed your work with The Smiths since I was 11 years old. My Question is will you ever be covering any of your

Smiths tunes on any albums? thanks, Lucio

Why?I like writing new songs

Name: Joe
E-mail address: joeywig@yahoo.co.ukI am in the minority who think Stangeways is the Smith's best album. What do you think makes it better than the 'Queen Is Dead'

and the others? How good do you think the 'Queen Is Dead ' Is? One more thing do you know if the lyrics to the wonderful ' I Wont

Share You' are about you?

Strangeways is my favourite because it has a great atmosphere.I like all the songs on it and it's a bit more stripped down,more space.I don't know what I Wont Share you is about,who cares?

Name: Biagio Auricchio
E-mail address: ?Johnny I was wondering out of all the Smiths albums which one was the most difficult one to produce. And what is your favorite song from that

The Queen Is Dead was the most difficult.

Name: Christopher Caruso
E-mail address: christophercaruso@thesimpsons.comHey Johnny!

Thanks for putting this forum up - not to get all soppy but you've been my hero since I was 14 (I was actually known as "the guy who wants to be Johnny Marr" in school!). You said once that when you write a song and you don't like it, you play it backwards and sometimes use it like that - what tracks did you try this on? I've done it myself, it's a great idea.

I've tried it a few times,I can't remember any specific song.

Name: hazard
E-mail address: hazard99@hotmail.comA great idea for the www site. There's a strange layout, odd, but it's nice and easy to read - it also has the benefit of working on Netscape! (so Apple Mac users will be okay with it too !!) I have a question, and it concerns the development of songs in the past

and now - and it is - where does the inspiration come from when the music for your own songs. The later electronic stuff was quite good, but i wondered why the chords were always diminished 7ths etc. Did you go to music theory classes ? Or has this style of writing been picked up and jamming to other songs etc..

Thanks,I just do what sounds good to me,you know? I don't have an agenda theory wise,although I might do in the future.I know a bit about theory,enough anyway.

The other question i had, was that the new pet shop boys single, sounds very much like a Johnny Marr arrangement. "You've had too much to drink etc. " I wondered if you had helped them develop the song ? The chord changes in the 2nd verse and chorus are very Johnny Marr like- it's almost as if this is a tribute to you !!!!! i supose they would hate me for even suggesting such a thing, but it does sound very familiar. My final note, is to wish you good luck with the band, and the music. Hope there are some great things to come from Johnny Marr in 2000 and thereafter.

Don't know about the Pet Shop Boys thing.They wouldn't hate you for thinking that though.

Name: Ben Gott
E-mail address: bgott@bowdoin.eduHey, Johnny...Good to see you have your own web presence, at last...I'm writing to ask whether or not you've been influenced at all by my two other favorite guitarists, Dave Gregory (formerly of XTC) and Peter Buck? Your appearance on Billy Bragg's "...Home" (which I just bought a few days ago) made me wonder... Thanks, and keep playing!


I saw Dave Gregory years ago,he is a good guitar player.I like Peter Buck,never met him,but he has a good vibe.

Name: Jaydee
E-mail address: armit@eisa.net.auHi Johnny. What do think of Elvis Costello as a musician and songwriter? Was he ever an influence?

I was never influenced by him,I'm coming from a different place.

Name: Ian
E-mail address: ianst@bun.comI've always loved your stuff Johnny and I'm glad to see a website up and running!I saw that you like Boards Of Canada and so I would recommend tracking down some stuff by Plaid or ISAN. My question is this: have you ever come up with tunes in your sleep, that'lucid dreaming' type stuff? Cheers!Ian

I always come up with tunes in my sleep,yeah.The trick is to remember them.It's annoying because they're usually really good. I'm on it.

Name: George
E-mail address: osculate@mindspring.comHi Johnny,

You're definitely one of my favorite song writer/guitarist. I have quite a few questions I would like to ask but I'll ask one: I learned how to play Well I Wonder, however, what is the outro chords? I have the Meat is Murder songbook and the chords don't sound completely right. Can you give some hints of the chords and fret positioning? The outro is completely strange to me. Thanks and take care, George

I think it's an A minor shape capo'd,I'd have to listen to it.

E-mail address: vauxhall@mixmail.comGreetings Mr. John Maher.

First at all let me to tell you that you are the best guitarrist and songwriter that i have listened in my life.thanks for your music and generosity. now the question: tell me a word or phrase about these musicians:

1.Bernard Butler

good guitar player.

2.The Cure's Robert Smith


3.David Bowie


4.Pixies's Black Francis


5.Ian Curtis


and a last question please: what's your favorite band(s) of the last decade?

I don't have a 'favourite band of the last decade" although Nirvana were pretty good.

and do you listened to the PIXIES?what do you think about them?do you know them?

I don't really have an oppinion about The Pixies either way.

Mr Maher thanks for your time and send greetings to Lima,Peru.

From a devout of your art:

Alvaro Torres.

ps:excuse my poor english.

Name: Ruud
E-mail address: r.huggers@chello.nlHey Johnny,

Some more questions if you don't mind.

1) Where and when did you and Matt J. first meet? Was it before or after Soul Mining?

Me and Matt met in Manchester,he was writing Soul Mining at the time,he let me sleep on his couch in London when I went to London to get The Smiths on Rough Trade.

2) Any reason in particular for naming your new band The Healers?

It's a great name.

3) Are you into movies? If so, what recent movies did you enjoy watching?

I like movies sometimes,I'm more into documentaries. I can't think of a recent one that knocked me out.

PS. Swell that you stay in contact with your fans! Unlike a... certain other person... :p

PPS. Raise The Pressure is just amazing. Such an underrated album. Take care my friend.

Name: Flopa
E-mail address: florencia.lestani@corp.terra.com.arJohnny, in this moment I惴 listening -one more time- The The愀 album "Dusk", and I must to tell you that is no casual, it seems to me the best work of Matt Johnson. Thanks for your good taste! (and excuse me for my english). Are you working like producer in any proyect? Would you come to Argentine? We are waiting for...


I'm not producing anyone else at the moment.

Name: Kirk
E-mail address: knelson@ucdavis.eduHi Johnny.

I was inspired to pick up the guitar by my friend Brett who brought his acoustic guitar to 3rd grade show & tell. So I'd already been playing a few years by the time I heard the Smiths. I gotta say, though, that you were the 1st guitarist who truly inspired me. When I heard William, Headmaster's, What She Said, Barbarism, Bigmouth..., I was like, man, time to forget the Black Sabbath covers, this is the kind of music I hear inside me. And I've continued to feel a connection with your music thru TheThe and Electronic. After you, the next guitarist to really inspire me was Bernard Butler when Suede first came out. I think you've said you felt a connection with his work. My question is: can you elaborate on what you and Bernard have in common? (my take on it is that you both possess an emotional expressivity that a lot of rock/pop guitarists lack)

I think your take is pretty spot on.

Name: Adrian
E-mail address: us@fegmania.freeserve.co.ukHi Johnny,

I have some questions I think we all would like answered:

1. What is your favourite chord?

the right one of course.

2. What's your favourite Linda McCartney ready meal?

I don't have one.

3. Do you ever lie on the sofa at home listening to your records and think to yourself "I'm fucking great, me"?




Name: Matt
E-mail address: keith_talent@hotmail.comJohnny,

Is the "Elk" clothing line available in Canada in the U.S.? Or is there a distributor one could call to find out where it is sold? I'd be most interested in picking something up. Cheers.

You could try Harvey Nichols in London or Leeds.

Name: Kieron Horan
E-mail address: Kieron@spyda.com.auDoes Elk Clothing have a website? Does it need one? Maybe a stupid question but where could someone in Australia get Elk clothing from (if anywhere)?

We're hoping to start a site in summer,it's so busy at the moment. Ask a cool clothes shop to track us down and order something if you like.

Name: DMTtryp
E-mail address: DMTtryp@aol.comHi Johnny,

I keep hearing about your clothing label ELK, but just *hearing* about it. Where is it sold and what's it like?

Elk will hopefully be distributed the the U.S as soon as we can arrange it but you can get it from K-Bond in San Francisco,Louis in Boston and The Antique Bouitique in New York.

Also, I read something about you inspiring Noel Gallagher to write a song called "Daytura Dream Deferred." I've never heard the song, but was wondering what the story is behind it, or whether it's even true at all that there is such a song- i realise the press like to make things up.



PS-when you tour the States, please come to Texas 'cos..well because i'd love to see you play!

The Daytura Dream Rebound? that's an interesting question.I was telling Noel about the phenomina of the minds reaction to suppression of THC,the active agent in Cannabis.When suppressed,the subconcious produces an overflow of images and emotions because it's out of balance.I thought it was a good song title.

Name: Tony
E-mail address: tonyf@indy.netJohnny,

How tall are you? hehe. I am guessing about 5 foot 8 inches? Of course I am one of those silly Americans who doesn't t know the metric system;)

I'm about 5,8" I think.

Also; was Joy Division a big influence?,

I liked Joy Division a lot although I wouldn't say they were an influence.

and how do you feel about The Cure?, since they were a contemporary of The Smiths. Have you ever met Robert Smith?, and do you get along? Sorry if these seem like stupid questions. I just like to know what my idols think of each other:)

I haven't met Robert Smith.

Name: Tom Keal
E-mail address: t.w.keal@durham.ac.ukWhat do you consider the greatest achievement of your career?

Just doing it I suppose,I'm still striving.

Name: Desp
E-mail address: Desp4desp@aol.comI got another question for johnny!

desp: heheheh
johnny this caused great debate in a smiths discussion group and i thin k maybe in the end it was a 50-50 split on how we felt but what do *you* think of how soon is now being used in the nissan commercial? some say it commercialized it and made it un-cool
others said it was a way of getting exposure to good music (which i must add no less than 8 people did stroll in asking about the tune) others replied: more stuff and well i think i replied something like 'what if morrisseys childhood puppy had been taken out by a nissan..' <---eeor! eeor! now that reads like i am laughing at a dead puppy! no, no i am not..i love animals! but how does that make you feel? do you somewhat feel a loss of control i mean sure it was a car commercial, thats alright but like what if it was used in a feminine hygeine commercial! "mom sometimes.."
I think it was just exposure to cool music, it sounded good.
or or johnny what about a hotdog commercial! the hotdogs would jump into the bun as your vegetarian digits slid about the neck.. oh the humanity! yes please respond to this one! i'm real curious! and gimme shelter? johnny you rock! stonedesp but whats up with keith, inc.
Of course I wouldn't agree to a hot dog commercial!(laughs).
Name: John
E-mail address: joreilly21@hotmail.comBesides yourself, who has/had the best hair in rock? Thanks!
Liam Gallagher has good hair,don't you think?(laughs)
Name: Stephanie
E-mail address: stephew@aol.comHi Johnny. Long time listener, first time writter. Two quickies; first off, the version of "Sexuality" that Billy Bragg first played to you he describes as "angular" and comments that you 'opened it up.'Can you comment on the musical changes/contribution you made to that brilliant song? You are in there singing backup vocals, arent you? And are you coming to America any time soon? Three questions then.
All the best,
Billy had a three-chord change I think,with him singing "sexuality" over the top,it was kind of reggae-ish as I remember.I thought about it for a few days and came up with some chords and guitar parts.He then came to my studio and I played him a pretty much complete backing track.I sing backing vocals on it,yeah.I'll be in America soon I think.
Name: Shill
E-mail address: paul.shilling@uk.dreamcast.comHi there Johnny. Now then, having previously worked with Karl Bartos and knowing the importance of Kraftwerk,have you heard there new long-awited single "Expo 2000" and what do you think of it ?
Yeah,I heard the Kraftwerk single,I didn't think it was much cop.
Name: suzanne
E-mail address: suzsch@gte.netHello! Hello! I've got many important questions: first, what was your worst hangover ever?
I've had a few legendary hangovers I suppose,don't really get them now though.
Also, I'm reading the book "Please Kill Me" where they discuss the punk scene. They mention that people like Jim Carroll actually came from a privaleged background before he dumped it all and became what he was. People today might call him a rich kid poser yet he was readily accepted by the scene. Do you have anything in your background that you would consider the same?
I wasn't a rich kid so I can't say I can relate to you're other question,nothing wrong with posing though,good on 'em.
Since you hadn't written most of the lyrics for many of the songs you write, and you are dependent on other people to fit the words into the melody, I wonder what sort of stabalizing hook you use to construct a song.
With the lyric thing I've always worked with people who are pretty good so I don't remember too many problems.
How do you decide what emotion you are going for? Are you more inclined just to leave your partner's side of the work alone and not say anything about it if they miss the point of your original composition, or do you go back and bend some of the notes to fit the emotion of their half?
I really like "orchestrating" around the singer though,that's very important.
Finally, I haven't looked very closely at Melody Maker, but I haven't seen Mr. Agreeable in the new format. Do you think they realized that it just wasn't funny, or they no longer have enough money to afford the ink to print it?
I don't really have an opinion on the other thing.
Name: Chris Lark
E-mail address: chrlark@yahoo.comHi Johnny,
Just wanted to say you're one of the best guitar players ever and to ask you these questions:
1. What was it like working with Bryan Ferry, Chrissie Hynde & Talking Heads?
Chrissie is lovely,so is Bryan.The Talking Heads sessions were great from a musical point of view but there was a slightly odd atmosphere around the band at the time;they were friendly with me but not really with each other.(laughs)
2. What was it like playing with Bryan Ferry on Saturday Night Live?
Saturday Night live was a laugh,there was a good vibe with Bryan's band.
3. Will there be any instrumentals on your new album?
Best of luck with your new solo career and excellent website (well done Bernard.) Take care.
I might do an instrumental an my album,I'm not sure yet.
Name: javier t. prewitt
E-mail address: prewitt23@mailcity.comhello, johnny. i惴 a boy from spain. i sing in a group and i惴 a fan of your music (specially the smiths and electronic). we愉e trying to make a fanzine and we悲 like to ask you some questions for it, some kind of interview... would you? Thanks for being honest all these years (I惴 sorry but my english is not so good). Johnny, will you be touring in Spain?
I think you would have to contact me when I tour.
Name: Sidney
E-mail address: ?Don't you think Sporty Spice looks a lot like Andy Rourke now that she has short yellow hair? I do, but nobody agrees with me.
I think you're on your own with that one.
Name: Norman
E-mail address: ?What's it like being the greatest guitarist in the history of rock? Are you ever amazed at your own talent?
Oh,it's such a drag!(laughs)
Name: wendy j
E-mail address: wendyj@about.comWell, the comment I have is not really about any album, (although they are all quite good) but more of a question of artistic strategy. Although I am not in the music industry, I suppose you could say I am a person whose job involves being creative and really putting your art on display for others to tear apart (graphic designer). What I'd like to know is, how do you stick to your ideals and still stay sane? I have a hard time dealing with people who can't see what I see and an even harder time not getting discouraged when they don't. How did you keep your idealism and still be sure that one day all the struggling will pay off? Looking forward to hearing your solo work soon...
You have to believe in yourself I suppose,but challenge and question yourself at the same time.If you believe in what your doing, what's meant to be is meant to be,I think.It depends on why you're doing what you do.I'd rather be idealistic and wrong than cynical and right.
Name: john bugg
E-mail address: LJack@aol.comjohnny. i am in awe of your work. occasionally, i play gigs with a band or solo with my acoustic. i have played acoustic versions of
Electronic, Smiths, and other marrsongs. i was wondering if you'd get a chuckle out of hearing a hack like me butcher a few of your tunes? If so, are there any of your songs in particular that you feel lend themselves to an acoustic version?
Nearly all of them I guess.
Name: TJ
E-mail address: tjwillis@hotmail.comHey, JM.. one quick question: What are you reading right now?
I'm reading "Spirit Catcher".a biog of John Coltrane,I'm not sure whether it's any good.I always have a lot of books on the go all the time.I'm also reading "Black Elk Speaks" and "The Psychic Perspective"
Name: Joel
E-mail address: j.perry@mondiale.co.ukAlright Johnny. When are you gonna start your own label fella and give me a big deal? I've just come out of studio for the first time in 2 years with some fuckin great tracks - demo's - I'll send yer them!!
I might get a label together one day,not now though,that would mean I would have to deal with THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.
Have you still got clear @ malborough road?? what tracks did you use the 'Distressor'on Electronic album? Barney Got me to get him one when I worked at AXIS Audio RIP....
I haven't got a distressor yet,but I might soon.We used one on most of the tracks.
Name: Joel
E-mail address: j.perry@mondiale.co.ukJohnny, Where the bloody hell can you get hold of your clothing range ELK in Manchester? I saw you on Market street a bit ago sporting a great jacket I think it was one of yours! - Who says fashion isn't more important than music??
Harvey Nichols in London and Leeds,Geese on Bridge St in Manchester,Dr Jives in Glasgow and Alterior in Bristol.Yeah,that Elk jacket is pretty good isn't it?
Name: Jimmy Syrie
E-mail address: onlysyrie@yahoo.comJohnny,
I hope they give you my question... I don't think your screeners like me? Anyway, do you think that "Billy Budd" was about you? Come on now, be honest... I promise I'll be good if you answer me...
Never heard it,and that's a fact.
Name: Fatima Y. Kubota
E-mail address: fatima@langnet.com.brHi Johnny! I'm 15 years old, then I cannot say that I've been listening to you since The Smiths! That's incredible that when I can ask you something I just don't know what to ask! I'm going to ask just some curiosities...
Do you like to talk about your life? Do you like to talk to fans?
I don't mind talking about my life,most people ask about my life fifteen years ago though.
Do you enjoy seeing funny things about famous people (like you)?
If "seeing funny things" means in the papers and on t.v I don't see it,I don't read about myself and I don't watch myself on t.v,I hear things from my friends now and then.
Do questions about Smiths irritate you?
Questions about The Smiths?...I've tried to answer them all and the same things come up.I didn't think it was right to say "I don't want to talk about that" but it is very boring,not just for me,but for lot's of other people as well.
Do you speak any other language?
I speak a little bit of Spanish,pretty badly and a bit of Italian,I will get it together someday.
How would you describe yourself?
How would I describe myself?,trying hard to be myself I suppose,what else can you say?
What would make your life perfect? Are you happy?
Life isn't perfect,it's not supposed to be,is it?,but I'm a pretty happy person I suppose.
Do you like to be treated like a special person or just like a normal man?
Everyone is special,I think,unless they're a dick.
Do you think that fanaticism is sickly? Do you think that people create an image of you that doesn't exist?
Fanaticism is a very strong term,I like to think of myself as lucky in that a lot have people have said beautiful things to me and have a connection to the music,that's cool.People do have they're own idea of you,mostly from things they've read or heard;these things then become "facts' and then history so you end up just trying to put people straight,I don't really bother.
What advices would you give to your fans? Thanks to read all of my questions! I like so much your music and I'm looking forward to your new album! I wish the best for you!
Good questions.
Name: Neil Emery
E-mail address: ?Johnny,
Do you ever have a bad day,where it's just not happening?, you know when everything you play annoys you,when you cant come up with anything?How do you keep it fresh?
Everyone has days when it's not happening don't they?,whether it's music or whatever;"wheels going 'round in the mud",I try to do something else or just plough on.Sometimes you have to just do donkey work to get to creativity.It's gotta be fun though,hasn't it?It can drive you nuts!(laughs)
Whats the longest lay-off that you have from the guitar?Do you play everyday?Also,what guitar do you keep beside your bed (ie closest to hand?)If you could choose to keep only one guitar what would it be?Do you ever get sick of the guitar???Do you own a piano?
I love my S.G at the moment so that's the one that's around,I always have accoustics knocking about as well.I've never got sick of the guitar but I don't sit around with it every single day.I do have a piano,yeah.!
lastly(sorry)do you prefer digital or analouge when you record?
Many thanks
Digital or analogue? well,I use digital;Logic and Pro Tools,but I'm always going through valve pre amps,I like valves!(laughs)
Name: dave
E-mail address: ?hi johnny!!!!
quick question for you,is there anyway i can get hold of the soundtrack to that short lived channel four programme "all points bulletin"yes i know were going back some but the music was wicked and iv'e never heard it since!
I'd forgotten about that A.P.B thing,I might have a tape in a box somewehere.
Also the smiths always looked so hip,but who made the rules?what i mean is did anyone (andy possibly,ha ha)ever turn up in some hideous jumper or something and the rest of you go "fuck OFF!!"or were all of you in "fashion sync"?.....if you know what i mean!
I think with bands and style,friends influence each other don't they?.
Lastly,after oasis made it that big did you ever think (honestly)WANKERS!!! because it was 5 years behind the times? and you lot invented it.thank you very much, by the way i love you!
I've always been pleased for Oasis.