Name = prup
E-mail address = erica.hill@virgin.net 
Hello johnny,im a big fan of all your work,a couple of questions;what do you think of the following artists crowded house,marvin gaye,nick drake and bob marley.

A:Crowded House are "too straight" for me.I don't listen to Marvin Gaye too much,I know it's well soulfull,What's Goin' On etc,I've just heard it way too much.I like Nick Drake,great words.Bob Marley was as close to perfection as anyone.The Wailers were also one of the "heaviest" bands ever,I mean that in the realest sense,no matter how tunefull or commercial the songs were.Serious people.

Secondly any tips on playing lead parts over chords without having to learn scales(also im tone deaf),MANY THANKS

A:If you are actually tone deaf,makin' music is gonna be a bit of a problem.(laughs) 

Name = Rok Vevar
E-mail address = rok.vevar@mail.ljudmila.org 
Hi, Johnny Marr. Who are your favourite poets, writers? Books? I've heard that you've been reading Chomsky's essays. True? Do you like contemporary theatre, dance or performance?

A:Yeah,I've read some of Comsky's stuff,he's fascinating and well worth checking out.As for poetry,I got into Rumi,a persian poet from the fouteenth century,very little is known about him,pretty mystical.I like some Goethe,Carlos Castaneda.Lots of stuff.Michael Clarke is a great dance artist.

Name = jez williams
E-mail address = ? 
1. hi, i read one of the q&a's that said that the huge 98 world cup theme (which you apparently weren't too fond of)-by space, cast, spice girls etc ---- that this song in the beginning was a song you wrote in 93 - cant remember the title but wasn't it "heal my soul"?

2. i heard that the original song apparently didn't have that many football references - will the original be heard in some form some day? those football lyrics are shit, aren't they?

A:No,and yeah. 
3. who played on the 93 version? did you do bass, keys, drums, everything?

4. will any of the songs written in 93 appear on the healers album or as b-sides?

A:No,I like new songs.
thank you

Name = john
E-mail address = polarbearv@aol.com 
From around 86-90, generally what sort of guitar equipment did you use

A:I nearly always used sixties Fender Deluxe Reverb amps.With The The and early Electronic I used Boogie Quad heads with rackmount effects,T.C 2290s,Eventide Ultra Harmonisers,Korg A4s,Roland G.P 50s, Boogie 295 power Amps and 2 Marshal 2x10 cabs. 

Name = Robert
E-mail address = rd39820@csun.edu 
How did you get that sound on 'Handsome Devil'? I am assuming you used your Gibson ES-355. That distortion is so so cool? Did you get that off the amp or did you use a pedal? That track is too underated, along with 'Wonderful Woman'.

A:It was the amp. 
Name = Stephen Larson
E-mail address = larsonstephen@hotmail.com 
I want to mention that your guitar work on "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" is some of the most enjoyable music I've ever heard. It sounds effortless and it's extremely pleasant to the ears. Do you still like to play your guitar in that more flowing acoustic type of style, or are you now more into a harder, rock type of sound? Keep up the great work!!

A:I try to do what's right for the song which means different things I suppose.I quite like bluesy guitar,Ilike a more powerfull sound. 
Name = Jim Lantos
E-mail address = jlantos@bellatlantic.net
I remember the days when the Smiths shunned pop culture (eg doing videos) but now to see you on the Net...WOW! Pretty cool. Interestingly enough, now that this unique moment has arrived I had some questions for you re: your guitar style that have been bugging me for awhile now.
1) I've noticed some people asking about how to play some of your harder arpeggio based Smiths stuff. If it helps, I (and a number of others) actually posted some tabs on the net in 1993 (i.e. Charming Man, William, Some Girls, etc.) and they are now all over the place (ie, www.cemetarygates.com). I was curious if you ever browsed some of these tabs or other people's renditions of your songs...how you thought we did. (Funny thing is..it often takes a bootleg tape to hear you play things more clearly).

A:If I dwelled too much on what I've already done I don't think I'd get into new things.I'm very pleased that people want to get into it though. 
2) Having dissected a number of your harder works I've come to notice that you did a lot of stuff (especially on the Queen) based around C# minor....is there a reason for this (if any :)?

A:It sounds nice around there.You can get some nice ringing things going around there as well.Yeah,I like that key for some things. 
3) Lastly, can you tell me where you got the idea for the melody on Oscillate Wildly? As well, for Some Girls? Oscillate is unquestionably among your all time greats. And the riff that underlies Some Girls is also quite amazing. A related question as well: was Oscillate ever done in a concert or is there a studio version out there that we might ever be able to hear? Would you do a version on a future album of yours? (If not, may I request that many out here would love to hear such a thing?) Thanks for your attention to these miniscule issues which I'm sure are on the minds of others out there :).

A:Oscillate was just something that came along,I always really liked it,same with "Some Girls'.I've never played "Oscilate Wildly" live but Badly Drawn Boy does a good version. 

Name = Brian
E-mail address = brianmcguiness@hotmail.com 
Hi, I was reading in a Guitar magazine from a few years ago that you were a pretty big collector of guitars. I was just wondering which guitar of all of your collection is your favourite.

A:I'm not into "collecting" as such.I'm lucky enough to be able to own guitars that I really want to play.I wouldn't buy a guitar just to put it in storage.I really like my 65 S.G,59 Les Paul and 63 White Strat. 

Name = ed gomez
E-mail address = rippr5150@aol.com 
It's nice to finally have a place to speak with the man whos music with the smiths has greatly inspired me. youre definetely by far my favorite guitarist. i have a couple questions.
1. is there any way i may be able to get a copy of the tab music for "louder than bombs?" i have seen them before but i dont know where i can purchase one. i think all the riffs on that album are brilliant not to mention mozs lyrics.

A:I don't know.

2. whats your fav. smiths album?song? thank you for your time and hope to see you play in the future. good luck.
Eduardo gomez

A:If you check out the q&a there are some answers about Smiths songs. 

Name = Kevin K
E-mail address = whitrad@slip.net 
Johnny- Thanks for taking questions from your fans. Of course I love your work and I thank you for indirectly 'teaching' me how to play guitar. A few questions:
Do you write your songs down on paper at any point in the writing/recording process? Or do you keep it all in your head ala Jimi Hendrirx.

A:I mostly use a cheap dictaphone,if it's not around I'm pretty good at remembering things,though I've forgotten too many. 
Next: I know that a lot of the Smiths songs had tons of layered guitar tracks on them (I think I read that you had put 17 guitar tracks on This Charming Man). What was the process for building up a song, say Cemetry Gates, guitar-wise? After the backing tracks and main guitar tracks were down, did you just add guitar tracks and keep what you liked and delete what you didn't? Were these tracks added before or after vocals? Thanks Johnny, good luck with the new one, can't wait to see you live in San
Francisco. -kevin

A:Yeah,it was pretty much that way.I don't actually "delete" too much,I try some things and if I dont really like it I dont record it.I like doing overdubs after the vocals are done. 

Name = Bernie Jaw
E-mail address = jaw@dalcon.com.au
Hi Johhny,
I play guitars and I envy you NOT because you are talented but you were born before me. You stole my fame. But I respect you ...
1) Having read through the guitar section of q&a, I noticed many questions related to gear settings and tab. Will you be considering doing a guitar video like "Marr's Guitars". I would if I were you so you can ...
a) Make more money, obviously!!

A:I'd rather make new records. 
b) You can respond by saying "Buy my video", if being asked the same questions about guitars etc.

A;Well,yeah,you've got a point there. 
2) One of your Les Paul has a bigsby vibrato installed. How bad does it affect the sustain?

A:It does affect it,yeah.If I use a Les Paul now I tend to play one without a Bigsby 
3) Collaborating with Madness?

4) When is your next project with B.Bragg?

A:There isn't one planned. 

5) Touring Australia?

A:As soon as I can. 

6) FInally,...would you autograph my Les Paul if you come to Perth? That's all. (You can go now)

A:Of course. 

Name = Ross Pollard
E-mail address = AF902060@ntu.ac.uk 
I have heard a rumor that you boil your strings. Is it true? what effect does it create?

A:No I don't.It would taste horrible. 

Name = Genghiz Chen
E-mail address = gchen@stud.uni-frankfurt.de 
Hi Johnny!
Greetings from Germany! I just discovered your website a couple of days ago and it's absolutely incredible that you have this q&a page! :) I've been all smiles for three days now cos there's finally a chance to talk directly to my all time favorite guitar hero. I'm also one of the many Johnny Marr guitar students around. In my case it was "Back to the old house" from the Hatful album that got me into playing guitar about 12 years ago. THANKS for teaching me! Anyway, here are a few guitar questions. I hope they're not too specific, but I really want to learn more:
1) Which of the two versions of "Stretch out and wait" was the earlier take? I kinda like the "World won't listen" version better. I don't know if it's only the vocals, but it seems the guitar sounds different too. I was wondering if you made any changes to the guitar parts. Also you said that the song is in open G tuning. I always play it in standard tuning and it sounds right. Am I wrong?

A:Are there two versions?I must have forgotten about that.I think it is in open G you know.(laughs) 
2)How did you come up with that killer riff on "Some girls are bigger than others"? It's just so out of this world! I really love all those open notes inbetween and slides up and down! How long did it take to compose that (it took me months to figure it out but it was fun)?

A:It came pretty quickly,I was siting around with my mates while they were watching t.v. 
3) I was wondering whether you played the acoustic version of "Back to the old house" with fingerpicks, a combination of pick an fingers or just fingernails?

4) I've tried playing "Half a person" for ages but can't seem to get it sound right. I figured it must be in some weird tuning? Am I right?

A:It might have a capo on the second fret.The chords are around G to E on the intro. 

5) Do you remember the song "Walk away Rene" that you recorded with Billy Bragg? How did that come about and what was the method for the guitar arrangement? Did you just pull it out of your head? It's played in standard tuning capoed at 2nd fret, starting with open A chord, right?

A:I thought it was in C.There was no capo,maybe it's in G.Billy asked me to play something when we were in the studio and that was what I was messing around with at the time. 
6) Finally, can you play "Asleep" on the guitar? Well, I can, sounds really cool on a classical guitar! ;-)

A;Ive never tried it.I might give it a go. 

Name = Tom2
E-mail address = grin@mac.com 
Hey Johnny-
I read that you use ProTools and some of Line 6 guitar preamps but that you still prefer to mike a valve amp. Do you ever record direct using the POD or AMP FARM? Also, when you go on tour are you going to take the valve amps with you or recreate their sound using Line 6 amps? Thanks Tom2

A:I like amps.Amp Farms is interesting in the studio though. 

Name = dave the drummer
E-mail address = 
Hello Johhny,
Why did you stop using your rack (the the tour etc)What do you have loudest in your moniter mix,and when will you release your demos (townsends scoop format perhaps)maybe you could put them on the site?...oh go on...please!lastly how good a drummer are you? thanx.

A:I got bored of the rack and wanted to get back to amps;when they're good you can't beat them.I always have vocals loud in my monitors,unusual for a guitar player.I dont normally like guitars in monitors.I'm crap on drums,and I don't care. 

Name = will
E-mail address = 
will the smiths ever reform?ha ha only joking!!What do you play in guitar shops do you know stairway to heaven?

A:I usually play "Dogs Of Lust","Out Of My League","One Day" and then I just mess about. 
do you agree billy braggs guitar playing is underated?

A:He's great on "North Sea Bubble" 
What gauge strings do you use?

Does your wife ever get sick of guitars?

(mine does) what should i do about it? would you talk to her?

A:Of course!(laughs) 
how do you see the future of british music?will rc's succeed in killing it or do you think that taste will come in again?

A:There's always going to people who want good music.Most corporate types don't have a clue. 
is your name marr by deed poll?

where did you get the braclelet you always wear?

A:A fan gave it to me in Portugal. 
and what is your fav who album?i thank you sir.

A:Sell Out. 
Name = George
E-mail address = usi@verio.net 
Tell me a little bit about your arpeggio styles. What scales do you prefer and what is your favourite FX configuration?

A:I don't have a favourite scale,although I hope to have one someday(laughs),I'm into all sorts of effects,stereo delay I suppose and reverse panning. 
Also, what is your favortie PC-composition software app?

A:Logic Audio for the Mac 
Name = Michael
E-mail address = mcintoshmike@hotmail.com 
Who are the 5 best guitarist playing right now?

A:John Lee Hooker,Bert Jansch and me. 

Name = Eric Wang
E-mail address = ericw@usc.edu 
Hey Johnny:
I read somewhere a long time ago that you have a horrible guitar buying problem because you now have way to many guitars (I am starting to have that problem too), and that even if you try to sell a guitar to a shop, you might walk out with two more that you didn't originally intend to get. I was wondering how many guitars do you actually have? Do you ever visit any guitar/music shops in Los Angeles? You're the best! Eric Wang

A:I cured that problem.I do check out the guitar shops in L.A though,just in case.(laughs) 

Name = James Geftakys
E-mail address = jadehaus@aol.com 
Johnny I really love your guitar playing. I know a lot of kids who start playing guitar only want to learn and listen to the latest trend in music. For example, in the 1970s a lot of kids (at least in the USA) wanted to just play Les Zepplin yet didn't have any desire to go back and learn anything other than Led Zepplin. I read that you were listening to Motown during the time that stuff like Led Zepplin was the latest popular band. I believe that your insterest in Motown gave you an appreciation for music
that you would never have had otherwise. Also probably taught you a lot about song writing that you would not have had otherwise had you only listend to Led Zepplin for example.

Now to other influences. I think I hear some African Highlife music influence in your playing on certain songs. Is this true or am I hearing things that are not there? If so, what African artist do you appreciate? Not related to Africa, but was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers ever an influence upon your playing or did you at least appreciate the guitar playing of Tom Petty or his guitarist Mike Campbell?

A:The only African stuff I know is Fella Kuti,I havn't actually been influenced by African music but there is a clean and melodic thing going on in some of my early stuff.As for Mike Campbell,I saw him in Manchester a couple of times in the late seventies and I thought he was good,"Fooled Again". 

Name = James Geftakys
E-mail address = jadehaus@aol.com 
Johnny, over the years you've probably accumulated a lot of guitars and sold off many guitars. Do you find that vintage guitars are really worth the money over new ones such as reissue models? I think you stated in a guitar magazine about 10 years ago that you really liked the '57 reissue Strats that Fender was making at the time. Do you feel that reissues with the right pickups are just as good as an overpriced vintage model? I have a 1987 Japanese Fender Squier Strat with maple fretboard and it is every bit as good as any vintage I've tried. I was suprised by this guitar. I bought it as a used guitar recently and the previous owner(s) really broke it in and it feels like a vintage guitar and has a great tone too. I hear that in the United Kingdom the Fender Squiers from Japan from the '80s are highly respected and sought after. In the US they are appeciated too but probably not as much as in England.

A:The cost of Vintage guitars is really silly,but they've just become collectable.Some of the re-issues are really good as you say and it is possible to get one that can blow some vintage guitars away.Old Strat's,especially can be really noisy and hard to record. 
Also, when you tour do you check out guitar shops and pawn shops from city to city for good deals on guitars? I.E, are you always on the hunt for guitars? I don't know if this is true but I was at Guitars Are Us (guitar shop) in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd, some years ago (mayeb in 1989 or 1990) and I mentioned your name and the store owner told me you had just been in the shop looking around at guitars about 1 hour before me. I couldn't believe I had just missed being in the same store as you. Also, he said you were with the guitar tech for The Who. This was when The Who were in town playing a show. Don't know if this is true or the shop owner made up the story, or if it's true were you in town specifically to see The Who play and you met up with The Who's guitar tech or you were recordiing in Los Angeles or on holiday at the time in L.A and just met up with the guy. Sorry this was sooo long but you are an awesome guitarist and I'm thrilled to be able to ask you questions.

A:I was actually in that shop at that time with a guy who worked with The Who although he was working for me at that time.It is true.
Name = Victor
E-mail address = TrueRegret@aol.com 
Hello Again...just one more question...thanks. Pardon my ignorance, but was any of the work done with Ian McCullough (Echo) ever released ? Is it available ? Thanks again Johnny.

A:Some of it came out as Electrafiction.There's a more specific answer somewhere in the q&a. 
2) What was wrong with Troy Tate ?

A:I can't remember what was wrong with Troy Tate,nothing I think.I liked him. 
Looking back, was it a good decision ?

A:I don't know,yeah,probably as it meant we got to meet John Porter.Things happen for a reason.

Name = girl_afraid
E-mail address = charlotte_nicol@hotmail.com 
I bet this is not the most interesting question you've had up to now...but really am I interesting to know what has happened to the "known" barman...who gave me an opportunity I was too stupid to use...


Name = Tommo
E-mail address = t.mitchell-97@student.lboro.ac.uk 
All I'm wondering is before you 'made it big' did you really think you'd be as successful? Was football a serious career option for you (as I've heard)? Would you have rather lifted the FA Cup for your club or got a number one record?
Much respect to you and all that.

A:I was always more interested in being a musician more than anything else,I wouldn't have made it in football anyway. 

Name = Travis LeBlanc
E-mail address = travisleblanc@hotmail.com 
I've noticed that one of the great ironies about the Smiths image is that they are seen as the quitesential English band even though the members were all of Irish decent and your early influences were mostly American bands. What do you make of the anti-American tinge of many of the British bands that the Smiths inspired like Blur?

A:I hate nationalism of any kind.I think British bands slagging America is just an affectation.I wonder whether they would have the same opinion if they were selling lots of records there. 

Name = Klee
E-mail address = alchemist@jadedangels.com 
I heard somewhere that you have discovered the works of Carl Jung. Has Jung influenced your music in any way?

A:Jung has had an influence in my life so I supose that effects the music,I dunno.I recognise a lot of his theories as being accurate.I like his connections to alchemy and collective conciousness and I like the fact that unlike Fraud,he wasn't totally arrogant. 

Name = ss
E-mail address = 
hoo boy. i was having a good laugh for a second. Let's just say that it involves the "other guy" and the question groupings. You should have just posted those responses on the home page and kept those little buggers out....at least if you wanted to be nice. It is sort of hard to ask questions on here. I feel from all the interviews and books I've read that I already know too much, and where do you go from that point? It's not like any of us are representing magazines so it feels a bit odd going for anything beyond silly and mundane. Anyway, since you did mention that you were looking for a something a bit more philisophical in nature, and I've been debating the meaning of life. What does the passing of time mean for you? Do you feel any deep drive to achieve that one large goal by a certain point, or is it about the small increments of where you are going? Do you ever feel that you have everything and don't really know what to do with yourself to achieve more personal growth? Or is life merely about being instead of doing? What is an eternal reward? Why do most artists and yuppies decide to take up Hindu? And knowing that you are Catholic, and I assume you went to catholic school, did you ever have any inventive ways of terrorizing the nuns? Putting tacks in their chairs, etc?

A:Maybe the passing of time is a learning curve,trying to get things right and enjoying life with your friends,not knowing where your going and being o.k with it.I personally don't feel that I've got everything,I don't think anyone does.I do know that "inspired" comes from "in-spirit" and that sounds good to me,so if some people try to get there with Krishna,Buddha,Jesus or whatever that's alright.I'm not into any formal religions though,I did go to a Catholic school but when I was old enough to make a choice I decided I wasn't an anything.There were no nuns. 

Name = ruth waterson
E-mail address = ruthwaterson@yahoo.com 
Here's a change of topic. You are famed for your vegetarianism, yet whenever I read anything about Smiths riders they always contained 'Johnny's tuna sarnies'. I am a vegetarian and have yet to discover which plant tuna actually grows on. Are you a fraud or simply a demi-vegetarian? Also, how much have you spent on haircuts over the years. (It looks good short, but I still rate the lovable floppy moptop).
All the best.

A:I did eat "tuna sarnies' at one point,guilty as charged your honour.I haven't actually paid for a haircut for a long,long time;I've always had a couple of close friends who were hairdressers so that might explain a few things.(laughs) 

Name = Matt
E-mail address = 
A brief comment, and then a few questions: For years I was completely perplexed by how you and Morrissey could be in a band and then, when it was over, not really speak or be friends. But about five years ago I was in a band, we released an album, got signed, toured, etc. They were my best friends in the world but now I barely speak to them! Not out of anger, of course, but just because we're all doing different things. So I understand that your lack of contact is completely natural, and not based on any wierd psycho shit... but I think many of your fans can be excused for being hung-up on the issue. I just wanted to say to them-- get over it! It happens every day! As you said, how many friends from fifteen years ago do others keep in close contact with? Now, the questions:
1) Let's say you get in an accident that leaves you unable to play guitar or piano, but otherwise completely healthy. What would you do with the rest of your life?

A:Earn a living one way or other,look after my kids,be usefull. 
2) Do you like to go on vacations? If so, where to, and what do you like to do?

A:I like to get a villa in Spain and hang out with my friends.I also love sailing boats and lying under shooting stars with headphones on.Ive been in the desert in Arizona a few times. 
3) What political causes (if any) hold your interest-- eg, environmentalism, labor issues, etc. Are you a political person? Have you/ would you ever use your celebrity to champion a cause?

A:I suppose if I'm honest I would say I am political although I don't pay any attention to politicians,they're so full of shit.I can't ignore some issues on a humanitarian level,I hate the corporate companies attitude towards people and the worlds resources,homophobia,racism,the Brisish class system obvious things I suppose 
4) If you were an animal, what would it be? (That's the Teen Beat question for you)

A:A Hawk or a Snake. 
5) Have you heard the Magnetic Fields' "69 Love Songs?" You should buy it, as it's brilliant, methinks.

A:I don't know it. 
6) Would you ever write (or have you ever written) any non-rock music? Would you like to compose a film score some day, for example?

A:Maybe I'll do a film someday,I doubt it would be classical music though. 

Name = unschooled
E-mail address = 
Hi Johnny Marr. What do your school days mean to you? Most people seem to think their school days were either bad or irrelevant. What classes did you like? did you actually get much education or was most of your education outside of school?

A;My real education did come out of school.I think the most usefull thing about school for me was that I learned to suss out different types of people and they crop up later in life sometimes,especially loud-mouths. 

Name =
E-mail address = 
i have a question that you probably won't even have acknowleged to but here goes any way. in a recent show in chicago moz said, "steven spielberg's first choice for e.t. was johnny marr." obviously you heard nothing about this and have no opinion on it, so i won't even bother asking that. but after moz made that comment many people even booed him. obviously showing how much they love you. i was wondering what you think of that. are you even happy that so many people love you so much? or is their love simply too "boring" for you to even contemplate?

A:Nice.It keeps people interested doesn't it? Manipulation show-biz style.Why would I be bored by people loving me?It's actually their feelings for my music they love,not me personall.Attitude or what? 

Name = Jose Cerda
E-mail address = Jose_Cerda@detr.gsi.gov.uk 
Did your wife slap Roy Keane at the pub/bar she runs in Manchester before the UEFA cup final?Why?
Jose Cerda

A:No she certainly didn't. 

Name = neil emery
E-mail address = neilbymouth@tinyworld.co.uk 
Hi Johnny,thanks for answering my questions,can i ask a few more?..What is angies fav bit of your music?

A:She would say "Johnny's" but that's a bit of bullshit (laughs),she loves Iggy and the Stooges and Jimi Hendrix. 
And what are your mum/dads faves?

A:They would also say "Johnny's" but b.s once again,they love George Jones,and Oasis. 
When you first got logic audio did you pick up how to use it quickly?Are you good with manuals and stuff like that?or are there stillbits of it that you never use?

A:My engineer learns it and I pick it up from working with it,I try to get the most out of it though. Is anyone any good with manuals? 
Lastly do you ever just make music for just fun,that is for you personally or do you start everything with release in mind?(do you make really mad techno or chill out music just for your own listening etc?)
Many thanks again johnny

A:I do make music just for the sake of it.I sit around and play guitar for Angie and my friends. 

Name = Ronnie Dungan
E-mail address = rdungan@columbus-group.co.uk 
Tony Wilson has been quoted as saying that youth movements come in 13 year cycles. If you were to take 1989 (baggy) as the last great movement (13 years after Punk), then 2002 will see another explosion. What do you think it will be?


Name = Tommy
E-mail address = tommyM@yahoo.com 
Mucho respect to the one and only. As an aspiring writer/drunkard I'd like your opinion on one thing - what's more important: critical success or large sales? And can there ever really be a happy combinaison of the two? And do you think you've ever come close?

A:I think it is possible to have both,but it doesn't happen often;Nirvana come to mind. The records I've made sold steadily over time,the first Electronic album did well.Who cares about critics?,nearly all of them are just trying to show how clever they are,or think they are. 

Name = wendyj
E-mail address = wendyj@about.com 
First of all, thank you for your answer about believing in yourself. It was good advice. Also, I know you are not a one dimensional person, and are probably a pretty normal guy with other interests. I can't see why all these people can only ask you questions about your past. So, moving forward, I would like to know who your favorite authors are, what kind of art you enjoy, or if you have ever been sailing, etc. There is a whole world out there and I think alot of these people haven't been outside in a while..haha. Many thanks

A:I honestly couldn't say that I'm "normal"(laughs),but I know what you mean.Authors-wise,I like biogs and text books,some Carlos Castaneda,Chomsky, Gore Vidal,H.P Blavatsky,Charles Shaar Murray,mostly one-offs on subjects I'm into at the time.I really like Salvador Dali,Marcel Deuchamp and I love sailing and the desert. 

Name = AW
E-mail address = I'm too shy 
Do you drink alchohol or smoke pot? Why or why not?

A:I used to do lots of both but I got bored of it.I like change so I try to buzz in a different way,I can actually "trance out" when I want to.It's the best. 

Name = sarah
E-mail address = teclo731@aol.com 
Johnny- as a more recent amirer of your work, i have the pleasure of knowing i've still a great deal of musical genious to discover. however, i've listened enough to be inspired, and i would like to ask you this...i know each scenario is different, but have you any advice for a "perhaps musician", with hopes of achieving some semblence of success? how does one go about "rising from the gutters", so to speak, and being unreckognized, to becoming an idol? small steps, of course, but what was it for you?

A:It's hard to explain without a very long and deep answer.Dedication,a total love of what you're doing,work work work,a knack for it,and luck. 

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What is your favorite disguise to wear out in public?and have you ever been mistaken for another celebrity?

A:I dont have a disguise but we've got some pretty wild wigs for those times when we've been in the studio for far too long and it starts to get a bit wierd.My engineer,James Spencer looks wicked in his afro but it starts to effect his personality,I have to tell him to "come back". 

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Been reading the Q&A. Dear God!! I think I admire you more for your patience now than your guitar playing. What a frightening glimpse into the horrors of heroism. How about a question NOT about the past. Have any interesting hobbies? Planning any recreational travel? Thinking about enlarging the family? Of course you needn't answer, but I thought I'd offer a break from the incessant questions about 'what brand of strings you used on whatever album' and 'when will the old gang get back together'.

A:Thanks!(laughs).I was recording the Electronic album and then doing a million interviews around Europe to promote it and after that I started putting Healers together and recording another album so I don't know what a hobby is,but I don't mind.I went to Barcelona recently and that was cool,checked out the Dali museum,and I was in L.A and New York for a while.I like travelling.