I Don't Owe You Anything

"John Porter suggested getting that bloke Paul Carrack in on keyboards to see what would happen, and I thought it really brought it alive."

- Andy Rourke

"I was going to say, for me, the idea of an organ being in The Smiths really didn't turn me on. It softened it out a lot, made it more radio friendly, but the way that we worked together, for anybody else to actually come in and play on it, it's got to be fucking good. That was the gang mentality that we had, wasn't it? (Andy nods) Anybody that was coming in from the record company or whatever, we were like, What? What d'you want? It felt like they were coming in to intrude on our little party. I didn't think that any of these people felt about the music as strongly as the band did. Maybe it's a kind of possessive thing. The way that we were working, it was ours."

- Mike Joyce

Here are the scans from the Complete Chord Dictionary:

Here are the scans from the debut album piano book, with guitar chord boxes:

marrzipan does a beautiful version of this song, and it's very accurate. It's impressive how he hits all those arpeggiated riffs while singing. Anyway, as he did with Suffer Little Children, he has been cool enough to share his own transcription with us!

I have uploaded marrzipan's transcription as well as a Guitar Pro tab file here.


Anonymous said...

awesome man!!! great job


Anonymous said...

Nice, honest singing. I like it. :)