Name = ruth watrson

Just like Kellogg's Frosties, you're Grr-eat! It would be great to see you work with some more female musicians - I'm really lacking role models! Just think, instead of The Healers you could be Johnny Marr and The Sheilas! Thanks for everything. You're lovely, you are.

A:I think I've worked with plenty of female musicians if you don't mind!Chrissie Hinde,Kirsty MacColl and Beth Orton as well as having Liz Boney in my band,what more do you want sister? 

Name = Carlos De
I have read that Noel Hogan, the guitar player of the Cranberries wanted you as producer for their album "Everybody else..."because he always admired you, but you refused the idea without any explication. Itæ„€ true??. If is true, why it happened??

A:I sort of remember being asked but it wasn't right for some reason. 

Name = Sarah
I noted from your various TV appearances with the Smiths that you seemed to have a very extensive jewellery collection. Do you still wear any of it?

A:I've always worn bracelets and rings and things.I've got some nice stuff,but they always get lost. 

Name = Leo
On Sub Sub/Barny Sumner's single 'This time I'm not wrong' you get a thanks credit, does this mean you played Guitar on it or had a hand in the production?

A:I did get a thanks on the Sub Sub single.I think it was because I gave them some encouragement and I lent them my Rickenbacker and a few harmonicas,but I didn't play on it.You can see the Rickenbacker on Baly Drawn Boy's "Road Movie" video. 

Name = Ben Lilly
A few years back I heard a .wav file that was floating around the Internet.The 30 second clip was supposedly a an early recording you performed with Morrissey of an old Cookie's(?) song called "I Want A Boy for my Birthday." Do you recall ever working this song out or recording this song? If so, is there anything you can tell us about this recording. Do you think a full recording of this song still exists?

A:The Smiths played that song at our first gig at The Ritz in Manchester but I don't think it was recorded. 

Name = Nikita Arora
I saw the Healers with Oasis in Manchester on Saturday and i must say i was blown away by your band! Personally, i preffered it to the Oasis performance. When will you be releasing anything? Also, who was the girl who did drums, then bongos and then gituar?

A:The Healers album album will be out sometime in October/November,I hope.Liz Bonney plays congas,electronic percussion and guitar. 

Name = Frances Ancheta
I'm sure you're a cool dad to your kids. They're lucky to have such an interesting guy as their pop. How has fatherhood affected your creativity with music? Has it provided you with new emotions and experiences that inspire you to express yourself in a new and different way?

A:I'm just the same,to be honest.It's all part of my life.I feel the same as I did when I was eight,sixteen twenty-one etc. 

Name = faye
Do u know u look like noel gallagher? is it deliberate???

A:Really? You need a history lesson. 

Name = Dan Allen
Congratulations on the collaboration with Bert Jansch: I just heard it and was really impressed- you obviously gelled well musically. My questions are:
1) What was it like working with someone who's played an influence in your own style?

A:It was cool working with Bert because he's still really good. I realised when I played with him that even though he influenced me,I've got a few tricks of my own. 
2) I once read in an interview you did that one of your biggest influences was yourself. I was really intrigued by that, and I think I know what you mean, but could you explain it a bit more?

A:I think I was being a bit glib,to be honest,although,at the risk of being immodest,I do like my guitar style best. 

Name = Viridiana
A question, please: have you thought of writing music for a film? I say this because your instrumentals are so beautiful.

A:Maybe one day. 

Name = Kait
My names Kait, big fan man, and i wanted to ask you something. What would you think about a girl band covering one of the Smiths songs? Cos my band did (we're not a corny girl band we're like rock n roll) And anyway we covered Shoplifters of the World Unite. You should hear it sometime- Noel and Liam have one of our demos (but its crappy recording) So if youre intrigued- we're called Pyrus and we're from Philadelphia. Well i dont know if you'll even get this but its worth a shot- hope everythings going good on tour. Maybe i will hear back from you- and one more thing- youre one cool mofo!! Catch you on
the flip side.

A:Go ahead.and good luck. 

Name = ben jessop
Kevin Kennedy, as you know is currently pushing his single. I understand he collaborated with you in a band called Paris Valentinos - if I remember correctly. Is there any footage of this band, or even a recording kicking around?

A:Well,what can I say?We had a band when we were about twelve or something and we had more names than we did songs.He's milking it. 

Name = Hal
My question is how do you feel when you're playing on stage and seeing so many people captivated by your music? do you feel something transcendental? I like what Ravi Shanker said "from the muscial you reach the spiritual" cool, eh? cheers man, you're the greatest!
ps. good to see the 'blues' where they belong. hehe hal

A:If I'm lucky,it can border on transcendant,though I feel lucky if everyone just has a good time.I think Ravi Shankar had the right idea though,and I try. 

Name = marc
Why on earth did u give noel gallagher your beloved gibson,i mean lets face it he hasnt exactly made his "meat is murder"yet has he and i could have done with it.

A:When I first met Noel he took so long tuning up in between songs that I had to lend him a guitar.He fell in love with it and I didn't have the heart to ask for it back.I think he wrote "Live Forever" and some other things on it. 

Name = Leo
Having been an admirer of your guitar days from The Smiths right thru to Electronic what prompted u to take up the role of vocalist again since u haven't done that since White Dice/Freak Party.

A:I had a pretty clear idea of how Healers should sound and I felt that bringing in another singer/personality would change the picture too much.I did think about using someone else at one time but the band liked my singing more and that clinched it really. 

Name = Ladd Swaim
Do you plan to play any Beatles covers during your tour?


When are you going to give us a lesson? Just your favorite 4-chord progression and a picking patter. Come on man, don't tell us to listen, it's too fast when you blaze through on record. We need a nice simple Marr progression, with a Marr pattern, and a Marr MP3 in slow motion to boot! Just a Marr guitar fan that needs some instruction from the MAESTRO.

A:If you want to work stuff out,you have to keep playing and listening,just like I did,lazy bones. 

Name = Stephen
One question. What inspired the PERFECT ending to Some girls..? It has to be the most hypnotic journey ever recorded.

A:Inspired,I guess,in spirit,feeling good and on it. 

Name = Anthony Gordon
I've heard that you were married at St. Mary's cathedral in San Francisco. As I'm a devoted student of your playing, and as this lovely church is part of the view from my bedroom window, I'd 'm excited and curious to know if it's true; were you and Angie married there?
Your Student,
Anthony Michael Gordon

A:The church we were married in was The Unitarian Church,San Francisco.Unitarian is all religions,any belief,it was nice. 

Name = Liz Logan
I am interested to know if the rest of The Healers are vegetarians as well as yourself and how important is it to you that your fellow musicians share your views on this.

A:We are all vegetarian except for Lee,who sometimes eats meat.Each to his own. 

Name = Michael Y
How do you find married life? You have been married for so long, to the same woman no less, how is it?

A:It's cool,didn't really make that much difference to us really.We would have done it at sixteen if we could have. 

How about do you fear death?

A:No,just another chapter,It'll be interesting. 

Are you comforted that your music will live on, for centuries, as I imagine it will. Do you feel you will survive through your music?

A:I don't think that way,to be honest.I don't really care about surviving or being remembered or anything,though it's a nice notion.I'll be back. 

Do you support any particular humanaitarian efforts?

A:I have total respect for Amnesty and I sponser a child in India through Unicef.I also support "The Big Issue" in the U.K and would urge anyone to help out when they can. 

There are so many people with less than us. . . Yet most of us don't have the perspective to see how lucky we are. Just trying to live up to the philosophy part of your introduction. Thank you for the cool music. I listen to Money Changes Everything, everyday, and can imagine what it would be like if I knew how to play guitar. Thanks for that more.

A:Thank you. 

Name = Brian O'Grady
In 1988 there was a music program on Channel 4 called APB and I think you did the theme music for it. I really loved it but lost the only video recording (and the quality was crap too :-) Is it possible to get it?t. Was it a full song or just a quick riff.
Brian in Stockholm

A:That was a riff that was done one day.I have a copy somewhere.Maybe we should MP3 it for the site.I'll have to find it. 

Name = mizz lizzy, finland
Back in the smiths-time, did you have too few/short breaks between tours/albuhms?

A:We didn't want to stop for a minuite,until year five perhaps.It would have been a good idea to take a short break after "Strangeways" I think,to get some perspective and inspiration but it wasn't meant to be. 
x Liz
PS: On haicut(s)r: the longer cut(s) is better (my opinion).

A:You might be right. 

Name = Kym
Can you pick things up with your toes? anything at all, bits of paper, guitar picks, spare change ...

A:Why bother? 

What do you think of Nigel Godrich as far as producers go?

A:I like Nigel Godrich though,especially O.K Computer and Beck's Mutations. 

Name = Jason
You have said that their is no unreleased material from the Smiths, however a song named "Arcana" has been registered to Morrissey/Marr on the BMI website. Does this song exist? Is this a old Smiths song or a recent song from a collabortion between you and Morrissey? If so, why wasn't it released? Inquiring minds want to know!

A:Never heard of it. 

Name = Annie
You recently went on tour with Oasis and I was just wandering what your thought was on their bitter breakup and if you think they'll get back together again.

A:I wish they could live their lives without all the hassle,just like anyone else.I see a lot of Liam and he's so full of enthusiasm and inspiration that I hope he gets a chance to express himself.It's not easy being him. 

Name = Mike Sego
Why did you really cancel the Smiths concert at Vanderbilt University in Nashville of Sept,1987? I heard it was due to alcholism in the band. I still have my ticket bud, you owe me!!!

A:I've no idea.It wouldn't have been due to alcoholism though,we weren't The Pogues you know. 

Name = Pedro Gaspar
Well,my question is about a picture that you took with the Smiths in December of 1985 in Salford.That famous pic that appears on the "Queen Is Dead" album.I've always wonder i did you all choose that place-Coronation Street-to take the photo.And i would like to know if possible,if was you who had the idea of taking the photo there,and what means that street and that building "Salford Lads Club" to you?

A:It was Morrissey's idea. 

Name = ?
You seem really laid back. When you talk about music you say 'it's good' or 'it's not very good.' Aren't there any songs that make you jump on the bed and bounce off the walls? A lot of Smiths songs do that to me.

A:I'm laid back when I'm talking about music,I suppose,but I'm well known for bouncing off walls and freaking out when I come up with some magic.There's nothing in the world like it,I live for it. 

Name = Lliy
What drugs have you NOT tried? And what are your views on drugs as a creative influence on artists? If this is personal I apologize. love and mercy,

A:I've not taken Jimsen weed or Peyote.Everyone knows Heroin is a losers game.I've nothing against psychedelics.Everyone is on something nowadays,Caffeine,Nicotine.I grew up in an urban environment where drugs were a part of teenage life so I knew the score pretty early on,it wasn't exclusive to the elite and it certainly isn't now.Britain is full of monsters drinking beer and talking cocaine and is therefore very violent.The music industry is particularly rife with coke and booze,I hate coke and booze.I've always found that creativity and inspiration come from a pure feeling,and the hard bit is getting to a place where purity is allowed to get through.I'm trying not to sound too pious,but real spirit is "the one". 

Name = jeni
Have any strange dreams lately? just like to add that 'the healers' is a wonderful name. Its very orange. (I wonder if thats what you were going for...)
Love and Respect

A:Orange eh? All my dreams are strange.Do you know there's a theory that when you dream your astral body travels around and arranges scenarios with other astral bodies,much like rehearsing a play,that then gets re-enacted in real life and thus causing de'j'avu? What I'd like to know is,what would happen if your astral body was travelling and another body sneaked in and "squated" you while you were out? It has been known. 

Name = MIKO
I'm overwhelmed by the wonderful news that you will perform at Fuji Rock Festival this summer. Are there any artists you would like to see at the festival?

A:I'd like to see Mogwai and Ian Brown. 

Name = jasper
I recently saw you at bolton, thought you were superb! Caught up should definately be a single!

A:Thanks,I like Caught Up. 

Name = Natalie Edwards
Just passing by and thought i'd say that your concert last night supporting Oasis was brilliant. If everyone feels as strong as I do about the greatness of your band, the Healers are gonna go a long way!!! Cheers
for the entertainment, Keep up the great work!

A:Thank you,I'm glad you liked it,I think we're great and gonna get better. 

Name = creampuff chica
Hello. you have answered many of my questions, and they are very good. i want more. Unfortunatly, I'm out of questions. I hope this longwinded message with nothing in it doesn't bother you. I have no hopes of you or any members of any of your bands past and present will have my love child, so can you recommend someone else? i will promptly give it up for adoption, and therefore there won't be any messy court battles over child support. or, if that doesn't suit you, i might put it in a waterproof basket and send it floating down the river where it will be rescued and eventually become king or queen of a religious cult (that's as biblical as I could make it in a modern sense). Better yet, it might join the Bacon Brothers and they will sing showtunes with Donny and Marie Osmond. As you can see, i have it all planned out. Oh, sorry. I changed my mind. Well, not to make this a complete waste, can you recommend a good Cracker Barrell? If you don't know what that is, here it is: it's a chain restaurant with a bric-a-brac store located in the middle of it. You know: towel holders, pictures of Special Moments figurines, and bread boxes painted with hearts. They might have some guitar picks with Teddy Bears or "Bless this Mess" stenciled on the front, and I haven't seen them yet. Have you seen them? I don't like the ones they sell at music stores. Those might be the same picks used by devil music people, and i like wholesome merchandise. I hope you don't shop in those places. It's a bad influence because those people do crazy things.

A:I thought Cracker Barrell was a bad British cheese.I reckon devil music people would have something far more interesting on their picks than "bless this mess".As for a love child from my band,have you seen Adam Gray or Liz Bonney? Believe me ,you could do a lot worse.