What She Said

I have uploaded a Guitar Pro file here.

Here are the scans from the Complete Chord Dictionary:

Here are the scans from the Meat Is Murder piano songbook with guitar chords. Thanks to Ted Maul for these scans:

johnnymare does an awesome full-length version on his tele:


TheFogOnTheTyne said...

Excellent work!! Love it, been trying to suss this out for ages without much success but you've nailed it! If you don't mind can I ask what the finger positions are for the chord you play (as it seems to be the same one played up and down the neck) as I've tried to play it as you are holding it and it sounds way out. Your These Things Take Time is excellent btw.. another millstone round my Marr playing neck lol, most of the others I've managed to master and will post at some time! Cheers Andy.

smithsera said...

Wow that's dope