X-mas Surprise

For those that don't have it already, I have uploaded a little holiday appreciation gift here.

Thanks for the support!


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how do u download it, im not really sure lol, if this really is the louder than bombs tab book i will love you long time :p and make so many videos to make up for it :D


Anonymous said...

its ok i got it =D and i all i can say is wow, i cant believe how accurate it looks, its got all the guitar parts plus bass, its very very kind of you to take time and scan and upload this, i have to print it all off so i'll have no ink left but tht doesnt matter :P have a very merry chirstmas and a crackin new year =D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the best Smiths guitar site on the net.

Have a great Christmas

(I'll send you the magazine scans, as promised, as soon as I get a min)


Anonymous said...

i just got the sound of the smiths 2 disc set and it has alot of really cool pics!

ill scan them if you want

Anonymous said...

does anybody know were i can find this necklace?