Update on site changes

I have found a new file host, thanks to a very generous reader of the blog! I will be moving files and fixing dead links to stuff all week and I should have all the Guitar Pro files online by this weekend. I will also be adding a lot of scanned tabs to their individual respective entries, many of which were too big for blogger to host. I am doing some tests now to see what how big I can keep the scans without slowing the site to a crawl. I'm sure I will find a good compromise.

I will also be adding a log of some kind to the sidebar, where I will post the changes made to entries as I make them. This will make it easier to see what's new across the whole site. It can be daunting with almost 100 entries now online, it's even hard for me to keep track of everything. Look for it within the next week as well.

Lastly, I have just finished some huge updates to the gear section. I have added several guitars, added more/better photos of the existing guitars, and have started to cover the Smith's era effects pedals. As usual, I will keep adding info as I get it.

I have also added 5 of the Q&A's that Johnny did on the old site at jmarr.com. You can find them on the sidebar above the Magazines section. I couldn't get the rest, if anyone else has them saved, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Just want to say thanks for the continued work on this excellent Smiths resource. Don't really have the knowledge to aid you on the technical level, but regarding making people aware of old pages being updated, perhaps you could bump them to the front of the home page (as if they had been posted new)?

uglow said...

I'm excited to see the new scans.

I can give you access to a location on a my web-site to store docs.

email me at iamuglow at gmail

Thom said...

I have thought about bumping edited entries to the front page, that may be what I end up doing. I was resistant because it would essentially erase what the original dates were that I had initially posted the entry.

Uglow, thanks for the offer. I'll be in touch through email.


Anonymous said...

I dont know if you already got this planned...but you should expand the gear section with amps and effects


^ recent interview where he talks about his pedalboard in the smiths

Other than that good work! I love this site so much ^.^

Anonymous said...

Brlliant site mate, keep up the excellent work, it's really appreciated by so many people!

Thom said...

James, thanks for the heads up about the Boss interview.. that gear info was a huge hole in the site! I had read that interview before but I forgot to update the section. I'll do that asap.

Thanks to a generous reader, I should have the file hosting fiasco sorted very shortly. I will post a new update when things are happening, in a week or two. Thanks to everyone for the kind words, and for bearing with me.

Per said...

Keep up the good work.