Hand In Glove

"When we did 'Hand In Glove,' that was brilliant because it was a fantastic piece of vinyl. But there was never a time when I put my feet up and said, 'Ah, I'm happy.'"

"That song came about when I was round my parents' house one Sunday evening. I started playing this riff on a crappy guitar I kept there. Angie - who's now my wife - was with me and she kept saying, 'That's really good!' I was panicking because I had nothing to record it on, so we decided to drive to Morrissey's, because he had a tape recorder. I sat in the back of the car playing the riff over and over so I wouldn't forget it. On the way, as is her want, Angie kept saying, 'Make it sound more like Iggy'. I was just hoping Morrissey would be in. Well, I knew he would be, he was always in. When we got there he was a bit taken aback, it hadn't been arranged and it was a Sunday night-unheard of! He let me in and I played the riff and he said, 'That's very good'. About five days later we were rehearsing and Morrissey wanted to play the song. When we heard the vocals to that we were all like,wow... From then on it was always going to be the first single."

- Johnny Marr

I have uploaded a Guitar Pro tab file here.

Here is the complete score from the "Louder Than Bombs:Off The Record" book:

Here are the tabs from the Singles book:

Here are the scans from the Smiths Best Complete Score:

Here are the scans from the Complete Chord Dictionary:

Here's the scans from the debut album piano song book with guitar chords:

Here's AX100G's version, which is the only one I could find at this time. He does a great job though:

Here's a cool acoustic version from thirdynumberone:

He also did a great version on electric:

Here's juttkeys on his tele:

tnyhung does a great version on a Les Paul:

Another awesome version by johnnymare:

Here's a great version by Jonasmacca:

Here's davidguitarist91 on his Les Paul:


Kate said...

absolutely love this website, a fantastic idea and very well executed. just out of interest do you have the sheet music for Rubber Ring at all? i've been looking for it everywhere!



Anonymous said...

It's in the Christmas post around December 08.

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

I made a backing track in G if it's any use to anybody: http://soundcloud.com/sazz/handinglove

Anonymous said...

Here are some Smiths backing tracks, some of which I think originated here while others were obviously rendered from midi files or some other less than stellar approaches. SOme of them are pretty good though, especially "Hand In Glove."


There are some Morrissey tracks there too.


Perhaps one of you more accomplished chaps might take a stab at improving the quality of some of those lesser tracks. Cheers.