"It didn't have any strong design behind it. It wasn't like I was nessecarily trying to play a Kinks track. That staccato, block chord thing was just me trying to get away from the other jangly riffs I was playing at the time, just to get a bit of variety really. I always thought 'Jeane' was quite original."

- Johnny Marr

"I remember asking Johnny once who ['Jeane'] was about. He replied, 'Morrissey's mum probably!'"

- Sandie Shaw

"There's a great bit on one of the studio master reels where Sandie Shaw is there with Johnny and they're about to do 'Jeane' and he quickly picks the riff of 'In My Life' -- Sandie even asks him 'what's that?'! So there's no denying the influence of The Beatles on Marr."

- Simon Goddard

Here are the scans from the Complete Chord Dictionary:

marrzipan nails the Smiths version:

He posted a comment on Youtube explaining the chords:

"the chords are C, G, C, G, C, G, C, G, Fmaj7 (with open G string, ie 1-3-3-0-1-0), G, Am, G during verse, and Fmaj7, G, C, G (x3), Fmaj7, G during "we tried, we failed" and Em add9 (0-2-4-0-0-0) during the break."


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Daniel said...

That quote about 'In My Life' gives me thrills for some reason.

Seraphim said...

This always sounded to me like the proto-Jeane riff: