Guitar Techniques, October 2005

All scans and mp3's for the example tracks are here.


Anonymous said...

What does that mean about "double parts with a guitar in Nashville tuning"? I'd love to achieve a sound like Johnny's and I have a 12 string, but I don't understand what that means. Great website.

Thom said...

Nashville tuning refers to stringing a 6 string guitar with the high/thin strings from a 12-string set. You can then double regular guitar parts with it and achieve a pseudo-12 string sound.

As far as a general JM sound, I would reccommend a telecaster or Rickenbacker 330, with an older, MIJ Boss CE-2. Play through a clean amp, such as a Roland JC120 or a Fender Twin. That will get you very close.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!