Guitar World, July 2012


Anonymous said...

Miguel from Spain,

Great Guitar Player, I love this man!

Thanks for share it!

Music Tabs said...

Thanks for sharing...
He is a great guitar player. I love him and also he is playing method.

aj said...

Mar is one of the most underrated guitarists alive today. Nice to see him get some kudos!

larry morris said...

An experience that happened just moments ago, that only this list can appreciate.

Short backstory: huge jm fan, have the sig jaguar, play his music see his shows, big fan. live in nyc. out in la with my girlfriend, who is here for work. she has seen jm show (recently) with me.

she had a lunch in venice, ca today with her team. she calls me mid-meeting freaking out...Johnny Marr has just walked in the restaurant. I don't think I've ever heard her freak out this way. I don't even think I would have freaked out that way!

She was paralyzed and didnt know what to do. I'm 30-45 minutes away so no chance of making it just for a chance encounter.

Amy has to say something to him, its been decided.

She is scared, anxious and needs coaching from her team to do it. I tell her to simply be polite, apologize for the interuption but quickly tell him that your boyfriend is obsessed, per the above.

She ends up having a conversation with him! He hugs her twice. He gives her his guitar pick to give to me. The icing on the cake: He tells her that if he had one more day or more, he still wouldn't change a single thing on the jaguar. on that, I definitely agree. when I heard this, just afterwards, amy was literally crying. literally. hyperventilating. (ok, so she got a bit carried away, but who can blame her!).

that was such a memorable experience for her, as well as me even though I wasn't there, that I'm glad it was her rather than me. but at least I've got a guitar pick handled and played by his lordship!