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Rubber Ring

Here is the complete score from the "Louder Than Bombs:Off The Record" book:

Here is a definitive version from pljnr:

Money Changes Everything

"'The Right Stuff' [from Bryan Ferry's Bete Noire] was born accidentally out of a backwards riff at the end of a piece of tape on my 4-track. I learned the part, then recorded it forwards. That's one of the great things about being in the studio, those 'tricks,' for want of a better term. Maybe I'll have a part that's almost fantastic, and then I'll flip the tape over, learn it backwards, and then play it backwards. Originally, the song was called 'Money Changes Everything,' and it was the B-side of a Smiths single, an instrumental. Bryan heard it, and he wanted to put some words to it. All the volume swells were done on the volume pot of an American Standard Strat. The bass track and the Roland drum machine pattern had already been put down, so it was the first session where I did purely overdubs. It was a novelty, but when it comes to my songs, I like to put things down as a group, especially drums and rhythm guitar. Neil Hubbard also plays on Bryan's version."

- Johnny Marr

Here are the scans from the Complete Chord Dictionary:

Here's a really beautiful version by pljnr:

And here's another excellent cover by stereovaritone:

I Know It's Over

"I'll never forget when [Morrissey] did that. It's one of the highlights of my life. It was that good, that strong. Every line he was hinting at where he was going to go. I was thinking, 'Is he going to go there? Yes, he is!' It was just brilliant."

- Johnny Marr

I have uploaded a Guitar Pro tab file here.

Here are the scans from the Complete Chord Dictionary:

Here are the scans from the Queen Is Dead piano book, with guitar chord boxes:

pljnr does a spot perfect rendition here, with his own backing track. He also includes the chords he's using in his Youtube annotations, which is nice:

Here's a great bass cover by orestes3009:

Reel Around The Fountain

"'Reel Around The Fountain' was my interpretation of Jimmy Jones' version of 'Handy Man'. It came from one of mine and Joe Moss' marathon R&B record sessions one morning at Crazy Face. We went from listening to The Platters, which I wasn't really getting behind, to Jimmy Jones. I remerbered hearing the track from when I was a kid, 'cos one of me aunties or somebody used to play it. So I remembered the melody of 'Handy Man' but then when I tried to play it myself I got it all wrong, which was useful really. I was trying to do a classic melodic pop tune, and it had the worst kind of surface prettiness to it. But at the same time, Joy Division was influencing everybody in England. That dark element -- it wasn't that I wanted to be like them, but they brought out something in the darkness of the overall track. In a sense, Bernard Sumner was one of the most influential guitarists and writers of the '80s. There would never have been a U2 or a Cure if it hadn't been for Joy Division."

-Johnny Marr

I've found two different Guitar Pro tab files for this song and I have uploaded them here(right-click to save as).

Here also are the scans from the Smiths debut album piano song book with guitar chord boxes:

Daniel Earwicker's version:

Another version by lzymot:

Here's kusaka2580 on a Ric 330/12:

Here's pljnr on a Tele:

Here's hnavarro on a strat: